Apilus Platinum Pure is now discontinued

Apilus Platinum Pure

All good things must come to an end! It is with a touch of nostalgia that Dectro announces that the Apilus Platinum Pure is now discontinued. After revolutionizing the electrolysis market a dozen years ago by introducing the 27 MHz frequency, this Dectro flagship device definitely passes on the torch to the new Apilus xCell technology. Continue Reading…


Apilus breakthrough in India

Apilus disponible en Inde

Dectro International and its brand of electroepilation devices Apilus  continue their rapid international development. Indeed, Dectro signed a new distribution agreement with the company “Lili Scientific Electrolysis” based in India. Continue Reading…


First Apilus Electrolysis Symposium in Ukraine


The first ever electrolysis conference was held in Kiev, Ukraine, from 19 to 21 November. Organized jointly by the Electrolysis Association of Ukraine, the Epil-Pro Academy and Dectro International, this historic event marks the beginning of modern electrolysis in this country. Continue Reading…


Modern Electrolysis Symposium 2015


From August 23rd to 25th, Dectro held the second edition of the Modern Electrolysis Symposium at the Palace Royal hotel and the Dectro Headquarters in Quebec City. With a 50% attendance increase compared to 2011, the event has certainly been a success! This time again, participants had the chance to attend 8 conferences during two days about critical electrolysis subjects. On the third day, the participants were invited to come to the Academy Dectro and put into practice what they learned. Thanks to everyone for coming! For those who couldn’t attend, Dectro is planning to offer the possibility to purchase individual or all conferences in a streaming video format soon. Till then, you may take a look at the 2011 symposium conferences.