Electrolysis, Photoepilation

3 essential post-depilatory products in permanent hair removal


Once the actual hair removal is complete, after-care should be performed to ensure the best possible healing to the skin. It is extremely important to apply good post-depilatory products on the treated area to soothe redness, reduce edema, prevent infection and dark spots, as well as protect against aggressions. Here are the 3 must-have products for electrolysis and photoepilation!

Yi-zhibaume – soothing and purifying balm with calming and antiseptic action

  • THE ultimate product to use after electroepilation to soothe redness.
  • Specially recommended for areas that are sensitive or prone to infection.
  • Can also be used before treatment: for an analgesic effect, apply Yi-Zhibaume 5 minutes before the treatment, then wipe off the excess.
  • Ionizable at the positive pole.

Main active ingredients: camphor, menthol, aloe, shea butter, rosemary, juniper, lavender.

Hydraplus – soothing and moisturizing gel-balm

  • Specially designed for sensitive, irritated, inflamed and congested skin.
  • Ideal for soothing redness and sensitive skin after electroepilation and photoepilation, thanks to the freshness it provides.
  • Its astringent action tightens the tissues to facilitate healing.
  • Hydraplus gel-balm can be mixed with any other Action de Gala products, depending on the desired properties.
  • Ionizable at the positive pole.

Main active ingredients: witch hazel, cucumber, aloe, allantoin.

Ombracrème – lightly tinted protection cream

  • Prevents the appearance of pigment spots, soothes irritation and conceals redness.
  • Ideal protection after a session of facial hair removal, equivalent to a SPF 30 (natural sunscreen and high efficiency filters).
  • Rather than applying a regular foundation to the face to hide redness after treatment, the Ombracrème is particularly practical because in addition to providing good coverage, it is also treating.
  • Apply an even layer to the treated area, then repeat the application every 2 hours (when exposed to sunlight or outdoors).

Main active ingredients: zinc oxide (sunscreen), octyl methoxycinnamate (sunscreen), benzophenone-3 (sunscreen), emu oil, allantoin, vitamin E.

These three products may (have to) be used at home by the client. This extends the quality of treatment offered in your institute to their home and ensures a healthy skin, allowing you to maximize the efficiency of hair removal.

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