3 tips to maximize the use of your Apilus xCell


The Apilus xCell is without a doubt the most advanced device on the market and offers its users many functions that simplify the use of the device and personalize the treatments. Because we like to please our customers, we thought that we could make your life easier and provide you 3 tips for using your Apilus xCell. You’re welcome!

I’m gonna get you!

Do you encounter hairs that refuse to yield even with the highest presets? Turn to Xtra EL, a real weapon of mass epilation! Instead of repeating the insertion by adjusting the parameters manually, give your Apilus xCell a boost with this function that allows you to increase the intensity in no time.

XTra EL is available in the preset selection menu. Find the 3 small circles under the Xtra EL inscription. These represent the three levels of intensity increase offered with this function. When the three circles are empty, the Xtra EL function is not active. The number of full circle indicates the selected level (s):

– One filled circle = intensity level 1, which represents an increase of 10% in time and 2% in intensity.

– Two fill circles = intensity level 2, which represents an increase of 20% in time and 4% in intensity.

– Three fill circles = intensity level 3, which represents an increase of 30% in time and 7% in intensity.

To adjust the level, simply press on the circles until you reach the desired level. To deactivate the function, press as many times as necessary until all circles are empty. In the treatment screen, you will see the XTra EL mode appear above the treatment mode while the circles are visible in the parameter  access key when the function is activated. The XTra EL function is only available with thermolysis modalities.

Be cautious with this feature. It has been developed specifically for tough hairs, so only use it when necessary.

I literally need a third hand

Does it sometimes happen during treatment that you have to free your hands for a moment? How do you lay down the probeholder quickly, but so as not to contaminate anything? Your Apilus xCell device can help you, like a third hand.

Have you ever noticed the two small notches in the clear plastic part at the top of the facade? They are used to place the probeholder’s cable, so that it is suspended behind the facade and does not touch any surface. This prevents contamination of the probe and surfaces. Awesome!

Really? Where is she again?

Does your pedal tend to run away when you take your eyes off of it? Leave it aside with the pedal-free operating mode. This mode, as the name suggests, allows you to perform your electroepilation treatment without having to use the pedal.

You can manually program an activation delay, that is choose the time that elapses between the contact of the probe with the skin and then the output of the current. Best of all, your Apilus device can also measure your insertion speed and record this time as the activation time. To do this, go to the insertion time adjustment menu, perform an insertion as you usually do, then press the pedal. The device measures the elapsed time between the probe contact with the skin and the moment you press the pedal to record this time as the activation delay.

Using the pedal-free mode requires contact between the inactive electrode and the customer (observe the same practices as in the Blend modes for positioning this electrode).

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