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Just me – spring/summer 2017


Beautiful, free and self-willed, confident and determined, full of joy of life, a courageous fighter, unique in her imperfections, entirely herself. She takes the liberty of feeling comfortable in her own skin. The woman of 2017 resolutely reaches out for the stars, independently chooses what‘s right for her, selects what she feels is beautiful and decides who she wants to be.

Women’s natural sensuality is expressed by a slightly tanned complexion, radiant eyes and fruity, shiny full lips. JUST me plays with the most stunning colors from nature, the sun, sea and ripe fruits and berries to accentuate your uniqueness and make you look totally gorgeous!

The GLOWING CREAM– Bronzer & Highlighter‘s fresh and silky texture gives your complexion an irresistible radiant look while the BRONZING POWDER conjures an enchanting glow on your face for a sunkissed face.

The CANDY GLOSS, light and nourishing, procures appealing and fruity  lips and the new CUSHY LIPSTICK shades offer a taste of carefree summertime for a very feminine look.

The PRECISE EYE DESIGNER‘s ultrafine brush provides the eyes with a fresh and deep look, while the METALLIC EYESHADOW’s pearl gloss particles perfectly blend for a astonishingly iridescent eyeshadow.


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