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6 tips to boost your cosmetic products sales


When they walk in your institute, your customers are looking for your expertise as they are showing you their interest for your know-how. Don’t let this opportunity pass by! Consider that the purchase of cosmetic products allow your clients to carry-on the experience received in the salon all the way home to get superior results. On your side, selling cosmetic products represents an excellent opportunity to significantly increase your revenues without having to attract new customers. Here are 6 tips to help you make your clients even more satisfied while generating additional sales.

  1. Beautify your space

Don’t stack products and fill your shelves like a department store. Add visual appeal and give a nice look to your space by adding your personal touch to your displays. During summer, add a bowl of citruses next to your sun products to highlight them and during winter, add a few snowflakes and sequins around your gift sets. You have to make your clients want to touch the product, pick it up and smell it if you want them to be tempted.

  1. Use your strong sellers

Take a look at your sales numbers to figure which of your products are the most appreciated by your clientele and make sure you always have them in stock. You can also use these products to stimulate sales of other products, for example by placing one of your flagship products next to a product that you have a hard time selling. That way, you bring more attention on the latter.

  1. Bring some novelty

Your client will stop being interested in your displays if every time they come in, nothing has moved since their last visit. If you have no new products to offer, create the illusion of something new by changing the layout of the products and modifying the look of your shelves.

  1. Offer the right cosmetic line

This may seem obvious, but it’s far from it. The idea is to carry one or many lines that match what your clientele is looking for in terms of price, look as well as effects on the skin to trigger a purchase. Whether your clients are interested in organic, high-end or affordable products, offer a line that suits their needs and interests.

  1. Give professional advices

As previously mentionned, your clients recognize you as an expert and a reference in the aesthetic world. When providing a treatment, explain to the client what movements you are performing and the products that you are using, mention key ingredients and give them home use tips. Make them understand that salon treatments are complementary to home care, and that it’s with you that they get the best professional advices to take care of their skin.

  1. Recommend your products

Your products are not going to sell themselves! Today’s clients are on the lookout for information so don’t hesitate to put your products forwards and suggest kits or complementary products. Identify your client’s current need and supply them with the appropriate care protocol. Be careful with recommendation cards that look like a never-ending shopping list… Your client came for a purifying facial? Suggest an enzymatic exfoliating gel to use twice a week after her cleanser to soothe her acneic skin. Another client is always complaining about how dry her skin is? Recommend your favourite hydrating mask that works miracles on skin that pulls during winter.

These are simple and efficient tips to help you promote your cosmetic products. Be confident and believe in your products, your clients will be committed!


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