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In the world of skincare, the term “serum” is part of the usual vocabulary. But if you’re just getting started, you may be wondering what a serum is and how to use it. There are hundreds of products marketed as serums… and it’s no wonder. Serums are filled with specific ingredients that are targeted to provide visible, long-lasting results. 

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Aesthetics, Cosmetic Products

Micellar water, cleansing milk, cleansing gel, which one to choose?


Removing makeup is usually somewhat of an inconvenience. Who hasn’t gone to bed without removing their makeup? Well, you should know that there is no worse decision, because the impurities on your face are in fact the residues of the deposited makeup, as well as other external agents. This is why it is important not to skip this step and to choose the right products to use. But between a micellar water, a cleansing milk or a cleansing gel, you don’t know where to start? Let’s take a look at the properties of each of these products to help you choose the one best suited for your skin type. Continue Reading…

Aesthetics, Cosmetic Products

Hydration, the secret of a healthy skin!


The appearance and health of our skin are fundamental elements of our general condition and well-being. Free radicals, extreme temperatures, unbalanced diet, hormonal changes, stress, genetics, lack of sleep, smoking, pollution; these are some of the factors, both external and internal, that dry out our skin daily. To counter this almost inevitable dryness, Action de Gala has developed Hydra-T, a moisturizing and soothing emulsion. This skincare product not only moisturizes the skin continuously throughout the day, but also protects it from external aggressions. Dry skin? Dehydrated? With a few fine lines? It’s time to think about moisturizing your skin.

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Aesthetics, Cosmetic Products

Face Cleansing: Beauty Ground Zero


When we are talking beauty, everything revolves around the face… or almost everything: better pamper it, then! And the cornerstone of any beauty regimen is a good deep cleanse, whether one uses make-up or not. But why is it that this step is so crucial, and how many times should it be repeated? And with what products should you take care of your pretty face? Answers to all your questions, right this way!

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Aesthetics, Cosmetic Products

10 Tips to Bring Out the Best in Oily Skin


Finding out how to mitigate abundant oily secretions on your skin can be tricky. We often end up worsening the problem as we try products which may not be adapted to our specific needs.  Here are 10 proven tips that will help you reduce the oily look on the skin… and prevent many headaches in the process!  

  1. Clean Thoroughly, but Gently

A rigorous hygiene regimen is always the necessary first step. Be sure to be gentle, as lipidic skin is especially reactive and prone to inflammation. Cleaning morning and evening with a cleansing milk or non-foaming gel is sufficient. Avoid regular soaps, foaming gels and tensioactives which all tend to irritate and induce sebum overproduction. Do not scrub your face too vigorously and choose disposable wipes instead of a terry facecloth, as it tends to easily accumulate germs.  

  1. Apply Soothing Lotion

A thorough cleaning should always be followed by lotion application. For oily skins, go for a soothing, purifying, or normalizing lotion in order to trigger corneal inhibition. This balances the pH level and enables better absorption of the adapted correcting cosmetic.  

  1. Exfoliation – With a Twist

Exfoliating your skin twice weekly using vegetal enzymes or AHAs is strongly suggested. Those are preferable to mechanical exfoliants (with beads) which are more aggressive on the tissues. This simple personal care treatment greatly helps to manage the hydro-lipidic balance of the skin.   

In a professional setting, a gentle microdermabrasion procedure can be performed once a month in order to make the skin texture appear finer, but only if it is not subject to acne.   

  1. Use Masks and Other Specific Products 

Once your skin is exfoliated, the time is ripe for a beauty mask application! Opt for gel masks or collagen sheets so as to limit unnecessary handling. Oily skins are very sensitive after all! Also available are specific water-based cosmetic products which deal with the latter’s specific problems: inflammation, sebaceous hyperproduction or dryness. Also do not hesitate to avail yourself of what essential oils can offer, provided you use them in the evening to prevent issues linked to photosensitization.   

  1. Protect the Skin

If you think that proper hydration is not a major concern for oily skins, think again! Despite the abundant sebum secretions, they are by default dehydrated, which prompts sebaceous glands to be even more active. To break the loop (and to protect your skin from outside aggressions) we suggest the application every morning of mattifying, light-protecting, hydrating and antioxidant products to prevent comedones from cropping up. Note also that powder-based makeup provides an additional layer of protection and reduces the unsightly sheen of oily skin.     

  1. Indulge in a Professional Treatment 

A monthly beautician appointment will prevent comedones from invading the surface of your skin. Left untreated, they can even evolve into microcysts or full-blown papules and pustules. In such case, an intensive 4-part weekly treatment is advised.   

  1. Harness the Power of Electricity 

Continuous current can be harnessed in a professional setting to treat oily skins.  Anaphoresis not only revitalises and deep-cleanses the skin by eliminating sebum surplus but also relaxes ostia which enables easy extraction of comedones. Cataphoresis, on the other hand, reduces redness, tightens ostia and purifies the skin. Combined with continuous current, using ionized products according to skin condition can also help re-establish cutaneous barriers.   

  1. Undergo Lymphatic Drainage

A manual or electrical lymphatic drainage, combined with a facial can work wonders on your skin. This type of massage can indeed help contribute to the elimination of toxins from the conjunctive tissues, which helps cellular regeneration.  

  1. Oxygenate the Skin 

Pure oxygen boasts great anti-bacterial properties. It can thus be a valuable ally when trying to deal with oily skin. Many devices such as the Vital-O2 Lux can provide to the skin the purifying effects of this precious gas.  

  1. Give Light Therapy a Try 

Light therapy, through devices such as the VitaSensa LT, is a worthy addition to any care protocol. Blue light will allow you to purify the skin whereas green light will soothe redness.   


A gentle touch, sustained hydration, targeted care… If even with these your skin still gives you trouble, keep in mind that there is a silver lining to oily skin. Indeed, because the subcutaneous tissues are generally thicker and sturdier, wrinkles and fine lines appear later in life. In other words, oily skin will tend to age gracefully, provided it is properly taken care of. Now there’s good news for you! 


Aesthetics, Cosmetic Products

4 Tips for an All-Summer Golden Tan


You work hard to get the perfect summer tan. No way you are going to let it fade after only a few days! For those of us who do not enjoy the luxury of on-demand balmy getaways (one can still dream!) here are 4 simple tips to add to your routine to keep a golden glow all summer-long!

Exfoliate to Let it Shine 

To enjoy an even, golden complexion, exfoliation is a definite must. No worries, though; it will not affect your tan. Rather, by eliminating dead skin cells at the surface of your epidermis, you will allow your skin to shine even brighter!  

Hydration, hydration, hydration!

Keeping your skin hydrated after sun exposure prevents your skin from peeling and your tan from fading. It also is key to maintaining a silky soft and glowing look. Care for a recommendation? Action de Gala’s Hydraplus, without a doubt!  Not only does it provide a deep moisturizing action, but its formula’s astringent and soothing properties provide relief from the burning heat of the sun…

Carrots: Not Only Good For Your Eyes

Did you know that eating food rich in beta-carotene could also give you an edge? Indeed, the provitamin they contain stimulates the production of melanin, that is, the pigment behind your tan. Carrots, apricots, mango, sweet potatoes, parsley as well as all leafy greens have it in abundance. Make sure you add them to your grocery shopping list!

Make-up: Darker and Lighter

Go for a darker foundation so that it goes with your bronzed skin. Avoid cream or liquid formulas that cannot cope with the heat, but rather go with a much lighter powder base. We adore the Stagecolor mineral powder for its long-lasting action and matte finish. It will even out your complexion and subtly lift it up.

Obviously, lounging endlessly in the sun is not without well-known risks, beyond simple sunburns: premature skin aging, dark spots, and even cancer. Even sun afficionados must use protection sooner or later. In such times, we recommend high index mineral sunscreen such as our Biomi cream. It is perfect on all types of skin, even the most reaction-prone or sensitive. It is also well suited for use on children. This cream will be your best line of defense for those days when you want to give your skin a little breather!