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How to adapt your beauty routine according to the seasons!


Living in a climate with fluctuating temperatures brings its share of challenges, and our skin feels the effects all year round. The seasons are not only an opportunity to adapt your wardrobe, but also your skincare routine to meet the changing needs of your complexion. In this blog, we’ll explain the importance of adapting your skincare routine to the cooler weather of the coming seasons, while taking your skin’s specific needs into consideration.

Transition to colder weather: recovering from summer excesses and staying hydrated. 

Autumn brings along a shift of weather conditions, marking the end of the summer heat and the arrival of cooler temperatures. Your skin has been exposed to the sun and external aggressions all summer, so it needs special attention to regenerate. What’s more, sudden variations in temperature and humidity mean that your complexion needs to be prepared to counteract external elements. Fall is the ideal time to focus on exfoliation, as the skin tends to thicken as a result of temperature changes during summer. Moisturizing is therefore essential to prepare your skin for the harsh winter months to come. The winter weather makes the skin more prone to irritation, dryness and redness. To combat these effects, it’s essential to provide your skin with deep hydration using more nourishing products.

How can we minimize the effects of these weather variations?

First and foremost, we strongly recommend a professional skincare treatment. Aestheticians use professional products with a higher concentration of active ingredients, making them more effective. For example, a facial treatment at a beauty institute will allow better absorption of the products used in your personal skincare routine. And of course, you’ll enjoy a moment of physical and mental well-being, as well as receiving tailored advice from a skin care professional. What’s more, your aesthetician will then suggest a skincare routine for you to follow at home, using products adapted to your skin type. 

Here’s an example of a skincare routine you can do at home:

A simple routine adapted to seasonal changes can be carried out in just a few simple steps:

  1. Micellar water: Micellar water is made of water and micelles, i.e., very small phospholipids that behave like an oil. They are therefore able to cling to impurities and dust. Micell is the perfect 3-in-1 option: cleansing, makeup removal and toning. 
  2. Exfoliation (1x per week): Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and impurities by chemical or physical action. By thinning the skin’s surface layer, it enables better absorption of the active ingredients contained in the products used. For more sensitive skin, we recommend Enzyderm, an enzymatic exfoliant, and for more tolerant skin, Exoderm, a mechanical exfoliant made of granules.
  3. Lotion: Lotion is water loaded with active botanical ingredients that keep the skin moist for the rest of the skincare routine, making it much easier to absorb the active agents contained in the products. This process is known as the imbibition of the corneum layer of the skin. It perfectly cleanses and tones it, while rebalancing its PH. Toniqa lotion is our seasonal favorite.
  4. Mask (1x per week): The mask is a specific treatment that should be chosen according to your skin type, as it varies from a person to another. It is a concentrated product that is left on the skin for a variable amount of time. It can address various needs. To hydrate the skin and add radiance during the winter season, we recommend Divini-T in combination with our Hydraplus gel. 
  5. Serum: The serum is one of the most important elements of a skincare routine for achieving the desired results. It consists of a powerful concentration of active ingredients (vitamins, antioxidants, moisturizing and firming agents, etc.) and a texture that is more liquid than a cream. It penetrates easily into the skin, reinforcing the specific effects of the other products applied along with it. However, for optimum results, it is essential to use it in combination with an appropriate cream. To give your skin a radiant, moisturizing boost, our Hydra-T serum is ideal for you.
  6. Cream/emulsion: A cream or an emulsion has a moisturizing and protective action. Applied daily, it deeply nourishes the skin and protects it from external aggressions. It is also a perfect base for makeup. The purpose of a moisturizing emulsion like Hydra-T is to maintain or restore the water content naturally present in the skin’s surface layers. 

For more information on a routine adapted to your needs and skin type, don’t hesitate to consult your affiliated esthetician. She’ll help you keep your skin radiant and healthy, whatever the season of the year.


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