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    Over the years, there has been a significant evolution in 100% permanent hair removal, driven by technological progress that is redefining industry standards. Among these innovations, the Apilus xCell stands out as a groundbreaking device that incorporates cutting-edge technology for remarkable results. If electrolysis is now an effective, fast, and extremely comfortable technique, it owes much of this success to Apilus’ unique 27.12 MHz radiofrequency. The Apilus xCell electroepilation device takes this technology to a higher level by combining artificial intelligence with increased power and unparalleled comfort. Let’s explore the key elements of this advancement, shedding light on what lies behind the efficiency of the Apilus xCell.

The 27.12 MHz Radiofrequency

Over time, manufacturers have developed electrolysis devices using different radiofrequencies to generate the heat required for permanent hair removal treatment. For over fifteen years, the 27.12 MHz radiofrequency developed by the Canadian manufacturer Dectro International has been the benchmark. Its ultrafast polarity change, oscillating at 27 million cycles per second, provides a considerable advantage by allowing tissue coagulation more effectively than conventional frequencies. This speed enables very short application times in milliseconds, improving customer comfort substantially.

The Revolutionary Technology of Apilus xCell

The efficiency of Apilus xCell is derived from a cutting-edge, world-unique technology based on the 27.12 MHz radiofrequency. Research demonstrates that at 27.12 MHz, the destruction zone is concentrated closer to the probe, precisely where the targeted germ cells are located. Since surrounding tissues are not affected by the heat, optimal comfort is achieved. Additionally, the 27.12 MHz frequency allows for better absorption of power by the water molecules contained in the follicle. As a result, less power is required to perform a depilatory treatment than at a lower frequency. In other words, for the same power, the 27.12 MHz signal is applied for less time, which further increases the comfort level of the treatment.

Dectro International has developed numerous treatment modalities for its Apilus devices. In addition to the ultrafast PicoFlash, patented Synchro and supercomfortable ÉvoluBlend, the Apilus xCell offers electrologists two other hair removal modalities: MéloFlash and SynchroBlend, designed for deep, tough hair. These exclusive techniques, combined with new programs specifically optimized for all genders, will be your main allies in achieving 100% permanent hair removal in record time!

Pro-Tec Specialized Probes

Pro-Tec insulated probes are specifically adapted to the features offered by the Apilus xCell programs, guaranteeing maximum efficiency while minimizing the risk of skin reactions.

Pro-Tec’s IsoGard and IsoBlend insulated probes feature distinct characteristics adapted to various electroepilation applications. IsoGard probes consist of two pieces of surgical steel and are insulated to the tip with medical-grade Teflon. As the non-insulated part is minimal, the energy developed at its tip is highly concentrated. This type of probe is ideal for superficial insertions with fast thermolysis modalities, such as PicoFlash, MicroFlash, MultiPlex or Synchro. 

IsoBlend probes, on the other hand, are versatile and can be used for both thermolysis and blending. Also made of two pieces of surgical steel, they are insulated up to halfway with Teflon, for excellent results in deep insertions. Their larger, non-insulated surface allows the creation of caustic soda when using combined currents while protecting the skin surface. Therefore, IsoBlend probes are the best choice for deep hair treatments.

Using Action de Gala post-depilatory products: a must!

After an electroepilation treatment, certain skincare products must be applied to avoid any undesirable skin reactions. The Action de Gala post-depilatory product line has been specifically designed to maximize the effectiveness of hair removal treatments performed with all types of devices, whether they be from the Apilus brand or others. These products are rich in plant extracts, cruelty-free, ionizable, made in Canada, and suitable for all skin types and genders.

It is essential to use quality products on the treated area after each session to soothe redness, prevent infections and dark spots, protect the skin from external aggressions and optimize results. The products Yi-zhibaume, Hydraplus, Ombracrème and Toniqa are recommended for maintaining healthy skin and prolonging the quality of the salon treatment. If you’d like to find out more about Action de Gala post-depilatory products, we invite you to read our blog on the subject: https://blog.dectro.ca/6-must-have-post-depilatory-products/

        The 27.12 MHz radiofrequency has firmly established itself as an indispensable benchmark in the world of permanent hair removal, redefining standards of efficiency and comfort for electrologists and their clients around the world. The Apilus xCell represents a major technological advancement in the field of electroepilation, providing faster, more comfortable, and targeted treatments. Now, 100% permanent and comfortable hair removal is no longer a distant aspiration but a reality, thanks to its cutting-edge technology combined with Pro-Tec insulated probes and the Action de Gala post-depilatory skincare line. This convergence redefines industry standards, offering an unparalleled experience in permanent hair removal in terms of efficiency, comfort, and long-lasting results.


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