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Need a hand to open your salon? In lack of ideas to renew your enterprise? We help you fill your business tool box by answering your questions.

Which attitude should I have?

Welcoming your clients the right way is the first step to success. Be proactive and take care of them as soon as they arrive. Say “Hello, how can I help you?” instead of waiting for them to come to you to announce the reason of their visit. Before beginning a treatment, take a few minutes to chat with your client. This short moment will allow her to relax and to feel the atmosphere of your salon.

Where can I find new clients?

Word of mouth is probably the most powerful way of recruiting new clients. If your regular clients are satisfied, they will recommend your services to their friends and family. Do not hesitate to reach out to the women around you: mothers waiting for their children in the school parking lot, waitress at your favorite restaurant, barista at the café near your salon, etc. Leave your business card after talking to a potential client so they remember you.

Above all, be active on social medias, it is the modern advertising tool to bring visibility to your enterprise. Do not underestimate the importance of building an online community, reply to your messages and comments. Keep in mind that a page that has been inactive for years and is “accumulating dust” is not attractive to potential clients. Also remember to keep your website up to date if you have one. 

How to build clientele loyalty?

A well-established clientele is the most valuable commodity for an aesthetic and hair removal salon. Your clients must feel comfortable and relaxed after their appointment and keep a positive memory of their visit. A satisfied clientele is a loyal clientele. The golden rule is to integrate appointment booking at the end of each visit. Do not let a client walk out the door of your salon before offering to schedule their next treatment. With the daily hubbub, your clients are busy and will sometimes forget to call to book an appointment.

In addition, think about gathering feedbacks and reviews from your regular clients to improve and promote your services. Having your new clients fill out a satisfaction form is also an option to consider to adapt your services to their needs and preferences so they come back to see you again. 

How to sell cosmetic products?

First of all, choose products that allow your clients to continue their salon experience at home and display them on simple furniture to not take away the spotlight from them. Avoid cluttering the space, your clients would not know where to look. Your products must be easy to access, your clients want to touch and to discover them. You can also offer a sample so your clients can test a new product before adopting it.

Select a “clients’ favorite” or “team’s favorite”, just like bookstores do, so that your clients are more confident about their next purchase. Change your products display often to create the illusion of novelty and follow the seasons. Winter is coming? Display your hydrating and rich skin care products. During the summer, prefer sun care and exfoliating products for a lasting tan.

Also have gift sets in store. Your clients will be happy to have more products for a lower price and they will test some products they would not have been inclined to buy normally. If they like their discovery, they will buy the same products in the future. Often, your clients do not buy your cosmetic products simply because they do not know them. Advise them according to their needs and desires and help them continue their salon experience at home with the right products. Choose cosmetic products adapted to your clients. Mature skins? Rely on anti-aging skin care. Busy women? Have all-in-one care products.

Should I computerize my salon management?

The answer is simple: yes. You have everything to gain from it. Computerizing the management of your salon will make you save time and improve the quality of your service, which will grow your revenue. You will be able to offer a better and more personalized experience to your clients, because you will have access to their information and their last visits data in one click.

Looking for a good management software? Alpha Salon, jointly developed by Dectro International and Dectronique Informatique, was specially designed to meet the needs of beauty, hair removal, tanning, massage therapy salons and spa centers. On top of offering an appointment book and client medical records, Alpha Salon provides a simple billing solution, an efficient inventory follow-up, report printing options and more. It is available in three versions (Simple, Multi or Spa) to perfectly suit the needs of small and big salons.

What about appointment booking?

A client cancels her appointment at the last minute? Don’t panic! To prevent this situation from repeating itself, put in place a cancellation policy. Determine the maximum time limit during which your clients can cancel with no charge. A 24 hours limit is reasonable and standard practice. You can ask for up to 48 hours, but be careful not to give your clients the impression of being trapped in an excessive delay. For your cancellation policy to work, you have to communicate it. It should be included on your website, social medias, phone message, etc. To give your clients the chance to cancel on time, confirm their appointment by email, phone or text message 48 to 72 hours before and remind them of your cancellation policy.

However, consider remaining flexible if a regular client has to cancel at the last minute for an emergency. Car breakdown, sick child, snowstorm… Some situations are unpredictable and your clients will be grateful for your understanding. Thank her for letting you know about the situation and book another appointment.

Whether you dream of opening your own salon or you are already well established in the market and want to reinvent your approach, let’s never forget the basics of an aesthetic and hair removal salon success. Keep listening to you clients and advise them as best as you can. Professionalism and customer service build the reputation of a salon and make its success. All there is left to do is to get started!


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