What is Microdermabrasion?


Initially, microdermabrasion was only performed by professionals in the medical field to correct important skin imperfections for their clients. However, since its introduction in the 1970s, microdermabrasion has greatly evolved. This method, created in Italy, was adapted to the field of aesthetics in the mid-80s. Thirty years later, microdermabrasion has become an essential treatment in most North American beauty institutes.

The microdermabrasion technique consists in eliminating the superficial portion of the skin in order to improve the quality of the cellular renewal process. An important clarification must be made concerning the terminology, since the actual method consists in eliminating cells in the epidermis and part of the superficial dermis, thus the name: micro (small particle) derma (dermis) abrasion (remove). What is offered in the field of aesthetics rather consists of microexfoliation, since the process only affects the epidermis.

A precise technique

The application of microexfoliation takes place in two phases: first aspiration, then exfoliation. The aspiration phase activates skin microcirculation, leading to a slight hyperemia and oedema of the epidermis. It prepares the skin to exfoliation, and promotes the absorption of cosmetic products that are subsequently applied. Exfoliation takes place through the projection of corundum sprayed on the skin, a fine powder of aluminium oxide that eliminates the different superficial layers. The microcrystal projection is combined with an aspiration process to avoid the accumulation of corundum on the skin, making it possible to constantly assess the depth of treatment. The operative field of treatment depends on three important factors: the number of times the treated area is sprayed, the speed and the duration of each projection.

One treatment, multiple effects

The main effect of microexfoliation is to eliminate the superficial layers of the skin in order to improve the quality of the cellular renewal process, thereby treating various cutaneous imperfections. Thanks to this technique, it is possible to improve the aspect of scars including those caused by acne and stretch marks, but also to reduce the visibility of fine lines, wrinkles and pigment spots caused by the sun.

When the desired results are obtained after a microexfoliation treatment, it is no longer necessary to treat the skin down to the dermis to improve the skin’s aspect. Moreover, active ingredients contained in cosmetic products used on the skin will ensure that the quality of basal cells is maintained. These cells play an essential role in the skin’s regeneration process. ln order to preserve the sequence of the skin’s protection mechanisms (keratinization, pigmentation, exfoliation), it is important to maintain a certain level of quality in the cellular renewal process.

Skin tone is an important aspect that escapes our understanding with regards to microexfoliation. However, it is important to know that the fibroblasts located at the base of the epidermis are responsible for the production of a protein needed to synthesize collagen. By ensuring the quality of basal cells, it is therefore also possible to improve the skin tone.

The importance of advanced technologies

In order to obtain satisfying results, the device used to perform microexfoliation treatments must meet certain basic criteria. It must provide two treatment phases (aspiration and exfoliation), offer several pressure levels, be easy to clean and equipped with an anti-moisture system to avoid microcrystal blockage and bacterial growth.

Effectively fight the signs of aging and get a new skin with microexfoliation!

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