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Cataphoresis, a much-needed post-depilation care!


Any good electrolysis hair removal session has to be completed with post-depilation cares that provide the best healing and comfort after the treatment. One of your options is cataphoresis, also called positive ionization. It is a post-depilation care which uses continuous or galvanic current to restore the skin after hair removal.

How does it work?

By applying a positive electrode on the skin and placing a negative mass underneath the treated region, the current flows from one to the other to generate a soothing reaction and help reduce redness on the depilated area. This current restores the skin’s pH, has a germicidal effect and tightens the ostia.

For even more efficiency

Ideally, positively ionized products should be used. According to Coulomb’s law, two charges of the same polarity repel each other, like magnets. By applying the positively charged roll on the positively charged products, the latter become 10 times more active in penetrating the epidermis for a better skin regeneration.

Recommended products

The Action de Gala line offers many ionized products. Amongst those that are suited for a cataphoresis care, there is Yi-Zhibaume, a soothing and regenerating cream-balm, Hydraplus, a calming and hydrating balm-gel, and ToniqA, a restoring and refreshing lotion.

Don’t forget to ask for cataphoresis at your next electrolysis appointment. Your skin will thank you!


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