Electrolysis techniques, then and now – 2nd part


Combined currents (Blend) – Combined currents allow you to work with both galvanic and high-frequency currents simultaneously. The success of the technique is based on the right dosage of the two currents. While the galvanic current is used to generate lye in the hair follicle, the high-frequency current is added to enhance the destructive power of the lye by warming it. Various combinations are possible with these two currents, however, it is essentially the high-frequency current that varies from one technique to the other. The galvanic current is always delivered continuously.

What are the different Blend techniques available and how are they different from one another? First, the most widely known combined current technique is certainly Pulsing Blend™. This method combines a few high-frequency pulses with continuous galvanic current. In spite of its effectiveness, this technique may be perceived as complex since many parameters must be controlled simultaneously. OmniBlend™ on the other hand, combines galvanic current with a weak but continuous high-frequency current. This technique is very popular because it is simple to execute and comfortable for client. MultiBlend™ is very similar to OmniBlend™ as it also combines continuous galvanic and highfrequency currents, but it also adds a rapid thermolysis pulse at the end that is very effective for stubborn hairs. Finally, EvoluBlend™ is the simultaneous application of a gradually increasing galvanic current with 27 MHz high-frequency current, to provide added comfort for clients.


Combined currents are largely used to treat deeply rooted and distorted hairs, as the lye is able to reach the bulb of the follicle, even when the latter is distorted. However, it is critical to use this technique in the anagen phase, because if the moisture level or the depth is insufficient, as is the case in the telogen phase, then lye cannot be generated. Of course, when using all combined current techniques, we should also make sure that the client has no contra-indications to galvanic current (metallic inclusions, pregnancy, pacemaker, saltwater prosthesis, serious peripheral nervous problems, etc.).

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