Oxygen-based Therapy: Miracle or Reality?


Source of life, oxygen is an essential element that controls cell, tissue and organ regeneration. Humans can live weeks without eating food, but only survive minutes without oxygen. Oxygen bars now offer customers the chance to inhale pure oxygen leaving them feeling refreshed and revived. Quite a few trendsetting beauty salons have also been offering oxygen-based therapy for several years. Some of you are probably wondering if this type of therapy is really effective. Do both body and skin really need this type of boost or is this therapy a modern day wonder?

Fact # 1 : Our body requires oxygen

Let’s briefly review the basics of human body function: the body requires energy to stay alive. The combination of oxygen and food nutrients produces a vital source of energy known as ATP (adenosine triphosphate). This energy allows body’s cells to divide and regenerate, a necessary part of the mitochondria process. It takes 21 to 28 days for skin cells to go through their life cycle. They regenerate within the basal layer of the epidermis (the junction between the epidermis and the dermis) and travel back up to the skin surface where keratinization starts and cells eventually die. Without oxygen, cell regeneration would not be possible.

Fact # 2 : We all lack oxygen

Despite the fact that it makes up 21% of earth’s atmosphere and that we are constantly breathing some, several factors can cause our bodies to be oxygen deprived, namely stress, lack of physical exercise, the onset of acute or chronic diseases, long term exposure to the sun, pollution, smoke, etc. The simple natural process of aging leads to a decline in oxygen intake! In fact, over time our circulatory system and network of capillaries start to break down. Consequently, the oxygen travelling through the blood provides less nourishment and at a slower rate. This slowing down has a negative effect on cell regeneration and the health of our skin. One’s complexion loses radiance, wrinkles and fine lines set in and skin tissue loses its firmness and elasticity, among other things.

Fact # 3 : Oxygen has several benefits

It truly offers so many positive benefits! As well as significantly increasing energy levels, it strengthens the circulatory and immune systems and regulates the body’s metabolic processes. It also reduces stress levels, while increasing one’s capacity to concentrate. It helps to relieve respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous conditions, as well as arthrosis and headaches. With regards to skin care, oxygen stimulates metabolic cellular processes and blood circulation, providing nourishment to interstitial fluid(tissue fluid), connective tissues and the basal layer. It thereby promotes cellular regeneration, slows down the process of aging, strengthens the skin and its antibacterial defences, eliminates impurities and reduces visible signs of acne. This results in younger, firmer, softer skin, the key to a radiant, hydrated complexion.

Fact # 4 : Oxygen-based therapy really is effective

ure oxygen treatments are possible thanks to sophisticated devices such as the Vital•O2 Lux. This device does not come equipped with a tank. Instead, it creates its own oxygen supply by compressing ambient air and filtering nitrogen, argon and other gases in small quantities, to keep only pure oxygen.


The most exciting and innovative feature of the Vital•O2 Lux is its capacity to infuse pure oxygen into the skin’s surface, a treatment process known as needle-free intra-epidermal injections. Oxygen is pulsed into the surface layers of the skin at a pressure of 1.8 bar, enabling molecules to penetrate with the active ingredients of endocosmetic serums throughout the intercellular layers of the skin and deposit active nutrients in the basal layer (results confirmed by clinical studies using infrared spectroscopy (ATR) Permaskin conducted by a team of top scientists at an independent and world renowned research center). Given that cell regeneration occurs in this skin section, the oxygen molecules and active serum ingredients produce optimal results. On the other hand, traditional treatments and creams applied to the surface of the skin rarely penetrate past the second layer. Consequently, results achieved are only superficial.

Anyone can benefit from an oxygen-based therapy, wether it is to increase their physical or intellectual capacities, to remain in good health and maintain a young appearance. What if the long sought after Fountain of Youth is actually oxygen?

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