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Prepare your skin for winter!


Winter will soon be upon us! And with it comes the usual harsh conditions of wind, cold, snow and… heating. These all lead to unwanted skin reactions, including chapped lips and dry, taut skin. Your skin needs major relief. Lower temperature results in less sebum production and dehydration can occur. A few simple daily steps can help prevent new skin damage. Here are 10 Action de Gala products that will keep your skin glowing and in better condition during the harsh winter months.

  1. DermaLiss Gentle Cleansing Milk: Cleanses and moistures the skin. The DermaLiss Cleansing Milk has nourishing and healing properties that reduce redness caused by wind and cold.
  2. Divini-T Cream Mask: This revitalizing cream mask is suitable for all skin types, but is most beneficial for those who suffer from severe dehydration. Ingredients rich in minerals, vitamins and fruit extracts stimulate cell regeneration. Ideal for the winter season!
  3. VitaMine Vitamin Complex: Aloe, vitamins E, C and A… What more can one ask for! Spray on every morning and evening to get your daily dose of vitamins. Compared to other lotions, VitaMine offers free-radical protection and regenerating properties.
  4. H2O Endocosmetic Serum: Not taking in enough water? H2O is for you! This serum goes on smoothly and leaves a fresh scent. It contains a high concentration of ceramides — a natural lipid that intensifies the protective action and skin restructuring activity. Additionally, this formula is rich in amino acids that form a protective film helpful in preventing water loss.
  5. ExoDerm Exfoliant: The keyword is softness. This exfoliating and purifying gel eliminates dead cells and enhances the penetration of moisturizing products applied afterwards. ExoDerm allows for deep cleansing without irritating the skin.
  6. OmbraCrème Protection Cream: Did you know that snow can reflect up to 80% of ultraviolet rays? To keep your skin looking young, it is important to use sunscreen when spending time outdoors. Lightly tinted, OmbraCrème creates a matte effect and hides redness. There is no longer any reason to shy away from the wonders of winter!
  7. VittoSoin Nourishing Repair Creme: The ultimate cream for dehydrated skin. Emu oil and shea butter protect and nourish the skin. An overnight cream that will replenish your skin with nutrients.
  8. BioLift Bio Cellulose Mask: Biolift is a major breakthrough in facial rejuvenation. Suitable for all skin types, this exclusive product moisturizes and softens skin, making it look and feel both firmer and perfectly rejuvenated.
  9. JouvenCell Rejuvenating Complex: To brighten a dull complexion and counter the effects of reduced sun exposure during the winter months, use this rejuvenating serum. Walnut green extract fights stress and prevents wrinkles.Tip : Mix 2/3 VittoSoin with 1/3 JouvenCell to treat very dry skin. Apply as a mask and let it penetrate without rinsing.
  10. LuxiAr Caviar and Collagen Sheet: The LuxiAr Sheet contains 50% collagen, an ingredient that restructures and nourishes weakened tissues. Caviar is a naturally rich source of nutrients. It contains several active ingredients essential in skin care. Ask your aesthetician about this product rich in oligo-elements and proteins. It will ensure your skin is ready to face the winter months!


Quality products are essential in regulating the skin’s water balance and natural lipids (fats). The Action de Gala line of natural products is suitable for all skin types, and is great for both men and women. With Action de Gala, there is no longer any need to hide indoors. Welcome winter with a smile!

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