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Cold season, radiant skin: winter skincare essentials 


As we enter the harshest months of winter, it’s easy to forget the importance of continuing to protect our skin. And yet, this season brings significant challenges for the epidermis. Although the sun seems less present, UV rays persist, and can still cause skin damage. What’s more, temperature variations, dry air from indoor heating and cold winds all contribute to drying out our skin. It’s essential to understand that winter requires special attention to keep our skin healthy. This blog will explore the importance of protecting the skin barrier in winter, while addressing other winter challenges that impact the skin and how to better preserve it. 

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Prepare your skin for winter!


Winter will soon be upon us! And with it comes the usual harsh conditions of wind, cold, snow and… heating. These all lead to unwanted skin reactions, including chapped lips and dry, taut skin. Your skin needs major relief. Lower temperature results in less sebum production and dehydration can occur. Continue Reading…