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Whether you wear make-up or not, it is essential to wash one’s face every morning and evening. This is the first step for any beauty ritual. In addition to removing all traces of make-up, the cleanser frees the epidermis of all the impurities that accumulated during the day. Did you know that even during your sleep, it is essential to cleanse your skin from the impurities accumulated during the night? The option of using a cotton ball or swab soaked in a suitable lotion is very convenient for those hectic mornings; it also gives you an instant refreshing sensation. A skin that is thoroughly cleansed will better process all the active ingredients of your products, thus boosting their efficiency.

There are different types of facial cleansers. It can often be a challenge to make the right choice when we don’t have all the sufficient resources. To get off to a right start in purchasing the appropriate skin cleanser, you need to know your skin type (which can vary according to the season) and its desired action. Please note that only the make-up removers that are labelled “Face and eyes” should be used for the eye contour and eyelids.

Milk Cleansers

The gentle formula of milk cleansers are specifically designed for dry and sensitive skins. Their lack of sebum production causes dryness and dehydration. The solution for the first moisturizing routine is to use a cleanser that does not further dry out the skin. The cleansing milk is applied with the tip of the fingers with a light rubbing motion. The excess can be removed with a cotton pad or swab soaked in water or in a lotion.

Cleansing Gels

Cleansing gels are the most common type of cleansers; they come in a whole variety of functions. They are especially recommended for normal, mixed and oily skins, because they are the most versatile. Be careful with alkaline-based cleansers (which have a too high pH level); they can destroy the skin’s acid mantle, which is the first line of defence against external aggressions. Foaming soap which drys out the skin is equally to be proscribed.

Foam Cleansers

These cleansers, initially in a liquid state in their container, become foamy once in the hand, mainly due to the pump action. They are extremely soft to the skin and they can be used on whatever skin type. However, most of these foams are not suitable for eye make-up removal.

Foam Creams

Foam creams are thick-textured, fresh and pearly and to be dispensed in the palm of the hand. They are emulsified with water and become very soft but still dense foam. Ideal for sensitive skins, they even have an anti-drying agent. Acne-prone skins may not feel a deep sensation of cleanliness after rinsing due to its gentle effect.

Micellar Cleansing Water

These 3 in 1 cleansers contain microscopic micelle particles (surface active agents) that cleanse the skin by attracting the impurities and blemishes. Micelles acting in the micellar water render it risk-free for the face. Formed by contact between oil and water, they have the advantage of leaving one with a sensation of freshness and comfort on the skin. Highly effective, this type of cleanser can be used on all types of skins, even the hypersensitive ones as well as on the eyes. Micellar water can be applied directly with a cotton pad and does not need to be rinsed.

A precautionary measure in only two minutes

Just one minute per cleansing, twice a day, is sufficient to prevent many damages: muddy or dull complexion, small pimples and premature wrinkles. Here is a checklist to define your present skin type:

Your skin is normal: soft, no specific imperfections and normal pores.
Your skin is dry: stretching sensation, lack of sebum, rugged, thin, and pores are tight.
Your skin is sensitive and/or reactive: fragile blood capillaries, redness that easily sets in.
(All types of skin can also be sensitive).
Your skin is mixed: the “T” zone is thicker (forehead, nose and chin), dilated pores, a few blackheads, cheeks and temples are dryer.
Your skin is oily and/or acne-prone: dilated pores, presence of papules, pustules and glossiness.

To conclude, it is important to know that the skin can change during any season and for a woman, it is influenced also by hormones. Hot water cleansing is also proscribed. Lukewarm water is used to emulsify and then the face is rinsed with cooler water. Afterwards, an adequate lotion is applied to your skin type, plus trapping in moisture in the epidermis with a moisturizing, protective care adapted to our needs.

Here is a list of our available products
for you first beauty routine

  1. Dermaliss Gentle cleansing milk from the cleansing care line of products by Action de Gala.
  2. Total Confort cleansing milk from the Univers Options line by Germaine de Capuccini.
  3. Haute Tolerance cleansing milk from the Univers Options line by Germaine de Capuccini.
  4. Comfort and Youthfullness cleansing milk from the Excel Therapy 02 line by Germaine de Capuccini.
  5. Moisturizing cleansing milk from the Naturea line by Germaine de Capuccini.
  6. Clarifying cleansing milk from the TimeExpert White line by Germaine de Capuccini.
  7. Make-up removal milk-lotion from the Gelée Royale / Pro-Résilience line
    by Germaine de Capuccini.
  8. Limpiderm deep cleansing gel from the cleansing care line of products by Action de Gala.
  9. Purifying make-up removal gel from the Univers Options line by Germaine de Capuccini.
  10. Moisturizing cleansing milk from the Naturea line Germaine de Capuccini.
  11. Mattifying gel cleanser line For Men by Germaine de Cappuccini.
  12. Purifying and mattifying foam from the PureExpert line by Germaine de Capuccini.
  13. Micell from the cleansing care line of products by Action de Gala.
  14. Purifying make-up removal water from the Univers Options line by Germaine de Cappucini.

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