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Face Cleansing: Beauty Ground Zero


When we are talking beauty, everything revolves around the face… or almost everything: better pamper it, then! And the cornerstone of any beauty regimen is a good deep cleanse, whether one uses make-up or not. But why is it that this step is so crucial, and how many times should it be repeated? And with what products should you take care of your pretty face? Answers to all your questions, right this way!

The Lowdown on Face Cleansing

The face is a particularly sensitive part of the body. All throughout the day, the skin secretes sebum. It is also subject to the relentless onslaught of aggressive agents, such as pollutants, UV radiation, but also all kinds of air-borne particles that lodge themselves in the pores of the skin. And if make-up is present, the problem is compounded. Make-up and impurities hamper cutaneous breathing and regeneration. The epidermis becomes irritated: pores become dilated and start secreting sebum. At this point, redness and acne can start to appear. Let us keep in mind that clean skin is a pre-requisite for any type of skincare, such as moisturizing. Foregoing daily moisturizing cream application means that wrinkles and fine lines can start appearing earlier and grow even deeper.

Night and Day?

Deep-cleaning the face in the evening before going to bed is therefore a given. For this, a cleansing milk, gel or micellar water can be used. Those who know our products already are aware that the Action de Gala line boasts of superlative products in each of these three categories. Our Dermaliss cleansing milk contains natural active ingredients that endow it with softening and soothing properties (mauve and cucumber extracts) on top of its cleansing action. The Limpiderm gel cleanses, eliminates the sebum surplus, unclogs pores, purifies the epidermis and brightens the complexion. It is best suited for oily and acne-prone skins, whereas Micell, our micellar water, is the best choice for treating sensitive skins. It is also the most versatile, thanks to its 3-in-1 action: make-up remover, cleanser and tonic lotion. You can then complete your routine with an exfoliation (once or twice a week), moisturizing cream or lotion application, according to your needs and habits. Your skin, in any case, will be ready to start its nightly regeneration process.  

Many of us simply cannot start the day without a good shower to get energized, or at least, a generous splashing of the face. This is fine, as long as we remember that the morning cleanse can only be seen as a complement to the evening ritual. Be aware that a delicate touch is paramount, here. Otherwise, one may end up stressing the skin and damage the hydrolipidic barrier, and thus promote skin dryness. We recommend you only use in this case the very gentlest of products, such as our Micell micellar water.

Going Forward

Cleansing your face should not be a complicated affair: no need to go about reinventing the wheel! Using the appropriate products for your skin and your needs every evening (and morning, if you so choose) will provide what you need to enjoy clean and healthy skin day in and day out!




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