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Aloe Vera, A Peerless Beauty Ally


Aloe vera is renowned for its many virtues – hydrating, anti-inflammatory, healing, and many more besides. Applied directly on burns, sunburns or scratches, the gel that we extract from its leaves provides a feeling of instant freshness. No wonder it has remained so popular up and down the centuries! Given that its general usefulness is beyond doubt, we would like to explore how this marvelous plant can help in specific beauty scenarios, such as in post-aesthetic or hair removal treatment as well as in anti-aging protocols.

Aloe and Hair Removal : Closing on a High Note

Aloe is quite literally overflowing with active ingredients – more than 75 to be exact – providing  enough vitamins, minerals and amino acids to ensure your skin stays in tip top health. We therefore find aloe very frequently in body and face cosmetics. And Action de Gala is no exception!  Thanks to its calming, hydrating, purifying and regenerating properties, aloe is indeed very useful after hair removal treatments (electrolysis, IPL, laser and waxing), but also after certain other specialized beauty treatments (photorejuvenation and microdermabrasion). We thus find aloe in a great many related Action de Gala products, whether for electrolysis post-treatment (Yi-zhibaume, Hydraplus or Alovive), waxing (Hydravive), photoepilation or photorejuvenation (Hydraplus and Jouvencell) as well as microdermabrasion (Hydraplus and Vittosoin).

Beyond Soothing Skin

Our miracle plant also is very useful in anti-aging protocols. The sugars it contains (the famous polysaccharides) promote tissue hydration as they reactivate cutaneous cells. Aloe also stimulates collagen production. This not only makes the skin look visibly firmer and more supple, but it reduces the appearance of signs of aging (wrinkles and fine lines) as well. In addition, aloe vera contains a high concentration of antioxidants, which lend renewed glow to the skin.  We can also use aloe to treat hyperpigmentation issues. All these properties make it the friend of mature skins. Our Action de Gala products take advantage of all these, specifically in our Dualift eye-lip contour care, Jouvencell rejuvenating complex, Vittosoin nourishing cream and Vitamine vitamin complex.

To propose active skin care products, inspired by nature: such is Action de Gala’s mission. To showcase superlative natural ingredients is part of the DNA or our brand. In other words, whether you use aloe to take care of your skin after a beauty salon appointment or simply to keep it youthful and healthy, the natural potency of aloe vera is made available to you in a great number of excellent products.

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