6 Tips to Get More from your Permanent Hair Removal Treatment


So you have decided to go ahead and turn to electrolysis to get rid of unwanted hairs once and for all. Great! But before you go ahead with your definitive hair removal adventure, we bet you will appreciate the following 6 essential tips to help you get more out of this unique treatment.  You are welcome!

1- Because there is no room for improvisation in electrolysis, you should only deal with qualified electrologists, trained in reputable schools such as Académie Dectro. A solid education guarantees professional service as well as an efficient, comfortable and safe treatment.

2-In permanent epilation, quality equipment matters. Make sure your electrologist has access to a superior quality and recent electrolysis device such as the Apilus xCell. Such state-of-the-art equipment, resulting from a long technological evolution and built around the latest execution techniques allows for the very best in comfort and efficiency. Why do without? 

4- Again regarding equipment, we recommend you make sure that your electrologist uses single-use insulated probes, such as Pro-Tec Isogard or Isoblend.  Probes are very fine thread-like objects which are inserted in the natural opening through which the hair grows. Because insulated probes focus energy at the root of the hair, where target cells are located, the the treatment is more efficient, and the skin surface remains protected.

3- Whatever the skill level of your electrologist or the quality of her equipment, she will still need your full collaboration. Success in electroepilation is not only a matter of technique, but also of timing. Appointments are planned according to hair growth cycles, to allow for the maximum number of hairs to be in the anagen phase on the day of the treatment. It is during this period that we stand the chance to eliminate more cells responsible for hair growth. By sticking to the agreed schedule, you greatly improve the efficiency of each treatment. This means you will get rid of unwanted hairs quicker, saving you both time and money. 

5- It is important to prep your skin before an appointment. First rid the surface of your skin of dead cells and debris by thoroughly exfoliating it. This will make insertions in the follicle easier and promote skin hydration. Well-hydrated skin conducts current better, which makes for more comfortable treatments.

6- Follow your electrologist’s post-treatment advice. Avoid sun exposure or hot baths and refrain from scratching the treated zone to avoid unwanted reactions. Your skin should rather be pampered – reason enough to give it the care it needs, using the appropriate recommended products.

Permanent hair removal via electroepilation is a proven, sophisticated treatment that can deal with all hair colors. By following these few tips, you will soon see great results. Your unwanted hairs are not long for this world, we promise! 


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