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Electrolysis and Summer: A Happy Match?


So you have recently begun a permanent hair removal treatment and you wonder whether it is wise to carry on through the summer months? Never fear! Out of all the long-term hair removal solutions, electrolysis is far and away the one best suited for long sunny days. Indeed, summer and electrolysis get on very well… as long as certain basic rules are kept in mind.

Electrolysis applies current at the root of the hair. Contrary to photoepilation (pulsed light or laser), the surface of the skin is thus unaffected by the treatment. Skin pigmentation level does not come into play either.  One should still forego direct sun exposure on the treated region. Thankfully, this measure only applies in the short term. You should avoid sun exposure for 24 hours before, and 48 hours after your treatment.

Sunscreen, like our Biomi mineral cream, is a definite must in summer, and especially so after electrolysis. Apply it directly after a treatment, and until any redness disappears. Besides its soothing effect, Biomi efficiently protects against exterior aggressions (UVA and UVB radiation, atmospheric and digital pollution), hydrates the skin, and prevents the appearance of pigment spots. It is also formulated with all-natural, and for the most part organic-certified ingredients. How can you beat that?

So go right ahead! Electrolysis is great for summer. Simply make sure you keep away from the sun for a few days and apply your Biomi sunscreen religiously. Take advantage of the sun and warmth to show off the results of your treatment sessions. Enjoy your summer!



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