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4 Tips for an All-Summer Golden Tan


You work hard to get the perfect summer tan. No way you are going to let it fade after only a few days! For those of us who do not enjoy the luxury of on-demand balmy getaways (one can still dream!) here are 4 simple tips to add to your routine to keep a golden glow all summer-long!

Exfoliate to Let it Shine 

To enjoy an even, golden complexion, exfoliation is a definite must. No worries, though; it will not affect your tan. Rather, by eliminating dead skin cells at the surface of your epidermis, you will allow your skin to shine even brighter!  

Hydration, hydration, hydration!

Keeping your skin hydrated after sun exposure prevents your skin from peeling and your tan from fading. It also is key to maintaining a silky soft and glowing look. Care for a recommendation? Action de Gala’s Hydraplus, without a doubt!  Not only does it provide a deep moisturizing action, but its formula’s astringent and soothing properties provide relief from the burning heat of the sun…

Carrots: Not Only Good For Your Eyes

Did you know that eating food rich in beta-carotene could also give you an edge? Indeed, the provitamin they contain stimulates the production of melanin, that is, the pigment behind your tan. Carrots, apricots, mango, sweet potatoes, parsley as well as all leafy greens have it in abundance. Make sure you add them to your grocery shopping list!

Make-up: Darker and Lighter

Go for a darker foundation so that it goes with your bronzed skin. Avoid cream or liquid formulas that cannot cope with the heat, but rather go with a much lighter powder base. We adore the Stagecolor mineral powder for its long-lasting action and matte finish. It will even out your complexion and subtly lift it up.

Obviously, lounging endlessly in the sun is not without well-known risks, beyond simple sunburns: premature skin aging, dark spots, and even cancer. Even sun afficionados must use protection sooner or later. In such times, we recommend high index mineral sunscreen such as our Biomi cream. It is perfect on all types of skin, even the most reaction-prone or sensitive. It is also well suited for use on children. This cream will be your best line of defense for those days when you want to give your skin a little breather!  



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