5 easy steps to flawlessly shave your beard


Gentlemen, the full beard trend is now a thing of the past. For those who don’t have the time or budget to go for permanent hair removal, it is now time, right before holiday family festivities, to get rid of your facial hair. Even though it is a habit usually learned from the onset of puberty, shaving still gives headaches (and cuts on the chin) to many men. What are the steps to follow to flawlessly shave these hairs that are now so out of style? Here are some pro tips for a soft and smooth face, without cuts and ingrown hairs.

1. When should you shave?

In the morning? At noon? In the evening? At night?

Answer: in the morning. At the end of the day, the skin is more sensitive and tired, which favours cuts and irritation. A warm shower in the morning opens up the pores and makes the hair more supple. No time to shower? Warm your skin with hot water and/or steam, the result will be the same.

Before breakfast? Yes! Eating increases blood flow and favours bleeding during shaving.

2. Get ready!

To prepare the skin for shaving, you need to deeply cleanse it. To do so, the Limpiderm gel or the Mattifying Cleansing Gel FOR MEN are ideal to remove impurities daily and minimize blackheads, as well as eliminate sebum excess.

For a little extra, the weekly usage of the Exoderm purifying scrub or the Cool Srub Purifying Exfoliator FOR MEN eliminates dead cells from the skin surface and prevents ingrown hairs. A perfect combination!

3. A dash of cream

Do not use too much! If so, the shaving cream will prevent the blades from being close to the skin, making the shaving less precise. Industrial products that are found in department stores tend to dry the hair. Go for quality products, like the Supreme shave cream FOR MEN. For sensitive skin, this cream allows the blades to glide with less friction, in addition to hydrating, calming and refreshing the skin. For an even better result, leave on for about 2 minutes so that all the beard hair is covered.

4. Cut it!

When it comes to shaving, there’s one rule to remember: always shave in the direction of hair growth. This helps to avoid ingrown hairs that cause pain, redness and infected spots. First, verify that your razor is clean and in good shape, and think about switching your blades regularly. Start with the least ticklish areas. The sensitive regions will have more time to absorb the shaving cream.

The movements, broad and slow rather than short and fast, go from the cheeks towards the mouth, from the moustache towards the neck. Going over the same spot several times is the best way to irritate the skin and provoke the appearance of spots a couple days after. 1 to 2 times is enough.

Pro-tip: stretch the skin with your fingers to facilitate shaving.

5. Finishing touch

Rinse your face with warm water, then cold water to tighten the pores and soothe your skin. Dry your face using a dry towel by gently tapping on your skin to avoid stressing it. Do not directly wipe the foam with the towel.

Avoid using menthol enriched after-shaves and alcohol-based lotions because they favour irritations and dehydrate your epidermis. The Toniqa restoring lotion or the Ultra-Comfort Post-Shave Emulsion FOR MEN instantly minimizes rashes, peeling and rugosity while providing comfort and a refreshing feeling. The Post-Shave Emulsion softens the hair from the root to the tip and moderates its regrowth day after day. Shaving becomes easier, more even, pleasant and lasting.

A good shaving method makes everything more enjoyable.
Simple tips that make a huge difference…until the next craze.

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