Can we perform microdermabrasion in summer?


We have long considered it best to abstain from performing microdermabrasion in summer, but in doing so, we have deprived our clientele of excellent results! Don’t forget that for you, this means one less service to offer during the season. Take California for example: they have been practicing microdermabrasion for many years, even at very warm temperatures, and with great success. Summers in Québec are very humid, which helps keep the skin surface soft and supple. Of course, clients who undergo microdermabrasion in summer must absolutely avoid sunbathing, use a good moisturizing cream and a total sunblock such as OmbraCrème, of the Action de Gala line, at all times.

Even in the winter, clients must take care of their skin and protect it from the cold, the wind, the sun, and especially avoid tanning salons. Either way, clients who seek treatment for pigment spots or wrinkles, or who simply wish to have radiant skin will be inclined to take proper care of their skin. Of course, your judicious advice and product prescriptions are also essential! Furthermore, once microdermabrasion has been performed, we suggest complementing the care with a VitaPhase IM or SM dermaphasic device (available on the VitaPeel Ion), in order to reduce redness, inflammation and oedema. It also has a stimulating effect and promotes cellular renewal. Many women are interested in receiving this type of treatment during the summer season; it’s up to you to offer it.

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