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Adult Acne: Not Only a Bad Surprise


Once teenage years have come and gone, you would be forgiven for thinking that acne was also a thing of the past. But here it comes again, uninvited, right into adulthood: that is why we speak of adult acne. More than 25% of people with acne are older than 25! This serendipitous parallel does hide a significant discrepancy among the sexes, however.

Adult acne is more common among women (60% vs 40% for men). At this stage in their lives, an outbreak of acne can have a severe psychological impact. It can be very hard indeed for such women in the prime of their life, and in the full-bloom of their womanhood to be subjected to a condition that is so strongly linked to adolescence in the collective imagination.

What can be done, then? Many of the factors linked to acne are beyond our control – chief among them, the action of hormones. That being said, we are not powerless!  Here are 5 tips to help you fight back against adult acne. A word of caution before we begin, however. In case of severe acne, you should always seek medical help, as you will need oral antibiotics to complement the topical care regimen outlined below.


1- Clean skin thoroughly 2 times a day and after any physical activity

Remove makeup every night before bed (Micell) and wash your face (Limpiderm) to regularize sebum. A restoring lotion is also recommended to help balance skin pH (Toniqa).

Each time you wash your face, apply moisturizing product adapted to your skin type (H20, Hydraplus, Libramat, Cutané). This should help you keep irritations at bay, which can provoke excess sebum production.

Skin secretes sebum as a response to stress. This is why we advise against using generic soap bars or alcool-based lotions; these can be very aggressive indeed on your skin. For imperfections on the back and on the chest, use the same cleanser that is used on the face.

2- Exfoliate your skin and use masks

We suggest you exfoliate your skin on a weekly or bi-weekly basis (Enzyderm). Do not hesitate to also use balancing masks (Libraderm). Such treatments help remove impurities, eliminate blackheads and tighten the grain structure of the skin.

Please note : Exfoliant beads are not to be used on acneic skin as they can get stuck in the skin during healing and get infected. Go for enzymatic exfoliants (Enzyderm), but use sparingly. You want to be as gentle as possible on your skin.  

3- Be careful with makeup

Hiding some pimples under makeup is a good idea, provided they are not smothered under a thick layer of foundation. Excessive camouflage techniques can aggravate acne. Beware of greasy or heavy makeup!

Top tip : use green-colored concealer. Apply locally on pimples and dust lightly with powder or non-comedogenic foundation.

Please note: Be careful also with bronzing and sparkling powders : they can make blackheads worse. We would rather have you use free, compact and matte powders to make the complexion more even.

4- Eat better

Consuming excessive amounts of sugary and processed foods seems to be linked to acne. Homemade dishes and copious amounts of water are a boon to your skin. The latter also helps you keep in check those sudden cravings for fast food and other treats!

5- No touching!

You should neither touch nor scratch pimples, blackheads and microcysts. This can spur their growth and spread. Rather they should be locally treated with the appropriate products, with as little manipulation as possible.

Prevention and Treatment : Here Come the Pros

Adult acne is cruel. Let us acknowledge that fact. But let us also admit that we can mitigate its effects and, if possible, prevent them. And beyond healthy habits, one of the best things you can do on that front is to make regular appointments with your beautician for a deep cleansing of the skin, combined with blackhead and microcyst removal.

And what about when acne leaves scars in its wake? No need to panic. Red marks? Those are temporary. What about deeper scars? In that case, damage is indeed permanent, but even then, all hope is not lost!  The latest innovations in aesthetic technologies can save your skin, quite literally.  Whether it is through IPL, laser or microdermabrasion (photos below), there are plenty of means out there to help you erase the damage done by acne. Simply ask a professional. She will steer you towards the best solution for your specific case.

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