10 Pro Tips for a Perfectly Epilated Face


Electroepilation of the face is a very popular practice. In fact, what better way than electrolysis to get permanently rid of unflattering hair on the upper lip, chin and eyebrows! Facial hair removal, however, requires precision and attention because of the great sensitivity of this area. So here are a few tips from professionals to make your job easier and ensure your customers get the best results.

1 – Are you having difficulty making an insertion when working on the neck or the space in between the eyebrows? Stop twisting yourself around and place a roll pillow under your customer’s neck. This will allow you to tilt the head back and make those areas more accessible and the insertion easier.

2 –It is critical to properly adjust the height of your stool when treating the face to facilitate insertion and ensure your shoulders are in a relaxed position.

3 – For a sensitive area like the face, the ultrarapid 27.12 MHz radio frequency of the Apilus xCell is unbeatable. Indeed, the 27.12 MHz frequency is fast and concentrated, making the treatment a lot more comfortable than that of any other epilator. The sensation is so light your customers will not hesitate to ask for more treatments!

4 – When you treat facial fuzz, use two magnifying lamps: one at 5 diopters which you keep turned off and use to magnify your field of vision, and another that you place to the side to create a shadow at the base of the hair with its light. This will allow you to better see the fine unpigmented hair. You can also go for a system like the Opti-vizion that, in addition to favouring ergonomic positioning, allows you to be even more precise with its up to 80 dioptres magnification.

5 – The excess hair under the nose is often harder to remove and can cause more pain. For better skin tension and greater comfort, ask your customer to pull her lip down. This technique facilitates probe insertion into the follicle without excessive handling of the area.

6 – After the brows, the chin is the second most asked area for facial electroepilation. This area is often affected by hormonal disorders or imbalances, especially among women over 35. When the disorder or imbalance sets in, new follicles start producing hairs. This situation becomes a problem for the customer and the electrologist. In such cases, the MultiPlex displacement technique with the Pro-Tec IsoGard probe is recommended. We suggest 45 to 60 minutes of treatment per session, depending on the customer’s tolerance. Appointments will have to be closer at the beginning of the treatment and can later be extended to 3 weeks apart. Remember that when there is a hormonal disorder or imbalance, there is no mitotic stoppage.

7 – With age, some men are surprised to find short, usually pigmented hair appearing on the tip of their nose. The electrologist must be careful when programming the settings for this type of hair. In fact, there could be an unfortunate cutaneous reaction because these follicles are rather superficial. In this situation, the PicoFlash or MicroFlash technique is ideal, and the Pro-Tec IsoGard probes are recommended.

8 – Since the upper lip is the most sensitive area of the face, it is recommended to start the session in this area. Once that zone is completed, apply some Yi-zhiBaume creme-balm, then a compress of ToniqA lotion. This will rapidly soothe the redness and oedema while you treat the other areas.

9 – When treating the eyebrows, first brush the eyebrow in the direction of natural growth. With a white pencil, mark the area to be epilated. This will allow you to visualize the final shape of the eyebrow and explain to the customer the changes you’ll be making. Treat one hair at a time, starting with the largest one. Reassess your work frequently. Never epilate the upper part of the eyebrow because with aging, the eyelids tend to droop. Leaving hair on the upper part of the eyebrow helps create the illusion the eyelid is higher, which reduces the appearance of signs of aging.

10 – Sun protection is essential at all times, especially after facial hair removal. With a zinc-base formula, the OmbraCrème total protection creme is specially designed to protect from UVA and UVB rays, regenerate and soothe the skin. It also prevents the formation of pigment spots and hides redness.

Ready to put these tips into practice?

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