Xcite Technologies joins Dectro’s Distribution Network


Dectro International has recently signed a distribution agreement with Xcite Technologies, an Ontario-based distributor of aesthetic devices and lasers to represent their industry-leading permanent hair removal brand in Ontario.

With over 20 years of experience in light-based and aesthetic laser solutions, Xcite’s founders recognize an opportunity for their current clients to provide electrolysis in order to complete their service offerings. Bill Roberts, Co-Owner of Xcite Technologies, explains, “Xcite is proud to partner with Dectro to offer our customers the very best in modern day electrolysis technology. Now we can provide our customers with a ‘total solution’ for their clients who want hair removal to be fast, comfortable and complete. Only by offering both laser and electrolysis can they give their clients the most cost-effective, efficient, and permanent solution.”

Electrolysis has been used for hair removal since 1875, and is still the only method recognized by the American FDA as 100% permanent. Although in recent years, the speed and efficacy of laser hair removal has dominated the market, electrolysis is able to complete the hair removal process where laser leaves off; covering an unlimited range of skin tones, and working effectively on white, grey, blonde, and red hair. Electrolysis is also safe for use around delicate areas, like near the eye and around the face.

After extensive research on the best product to offer their valued clients, Xcite sought out Dectro International because they found their Apilus devices to be the gold-standard in the field of electrolysis. Dectro International was founded in 1978, and is now recognized globally as a leader in its field, distributing products in over 35 countries worldwide. Their extensive knowledge of advanced technology, and focus on innovation and quality, have enabled Dectro International to excel in the field of electrolysis.

Dectro recognized the need for an experienced distributor in Ontario and enthusiastically embraced a partnership with Xcite Technologies, explaining; “As the demand for our Apilus 100% permanent hair removal devices increases, it’s vital we work with industry partners that can supply quality training as well as technical support to our customers. With their extensive experience in the hair removal and aesthetic industry, Xcite Technologies is a perfect distribution partner to provide sales and field level support and to expand the reach of our equipment in Ontario,” said Clement Beaumont, CEO of Dectro International. “They are a welcomed addition to our distribution family and we look forward to working with them.”

About Xcite Technologies:

Since the late 1990s, Xcite Technologies have been providing light-based aesthetic device services across Canada. Their knowledgeable technicians are committed to providing businesses with the repair and maintenance of their current devices, as well as offering them new devices and refurbished pre-owned equipment. They specialize in laser hair removal repair and maintenance, manufacturing of replacement parts, laser tattoo removal devices and a variety of medical aesthetic devices. The founders of Xcite Technologies have been immersed in the medical and aesthetic laser industry for over 20 years. They pride themselves on their focus on customer service. For more info:

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