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Académie Dectro: Your Gateway to Success


Whenever we embark on a career change, the instinct is to look for the very best training available. And a healthy instinct it surely is! As far as preparation for a career in beauty and hair removal is concerned, Académie Dectro stands as the natural choice: quality teaching, offered by passionate professionals, and supported by the strength of a well-respected manufacturer.

Recognized nationwide…

Académie Dectro is well-connected in the industry, as a member of the Association des professionnels en électrolyse et soins esthétiques du Québec (APESEQ). It is also officially licensed by the Canadian government as a teaching establishment, with all the benefits and privileges it entails (tax credits, REEE and REEP programs, access to bank loans). Your Académie Dectro diploma: a safe bet for your new career plans!

…and around the world

Take advantage of a program with a proven track record across the globe. From California to Lebanon, and from Morocco to Switzerland, beauty schools everywhere swear by the Académie’s courses. Besides being regularly updated, they are also offered in a growing number of languages to accomodate an ever larger audience.

Académie Dectro on the web

Académie Dectro is the only educational establishment that offers a complete, multilingual online electrolysis course, drawing on our extensive experience in the field. Our program is offered in three versions of varying length, according to the needs of students. Thanks to the popularity of this course, we plan on expanding our offerings in the near future.

But our mission does not stop there! Our experienced instructors are dedicated to offering the very best in continuing education for professionals. Through our partnership with Dectro International, a world leader in beauty and hair removal for over 40 years, we offer every season various classes pertaining to each specific specialization (electro- and photoepilation, makeup and beauty, etc.). A great way to keep abreast of all the recent developments in the industry!

The very best, before and after

Thanks again to our close partnership with Dectro International, we are able to offer our students the opportunity to learn their trade on the very latest technology available today. They can also rely on the acclaimed ACTION DE GALA range of beauty, and pre- and post-epilation products, which are all developed in-house. We are proud to offer our students special prices when they shop Dectro products, so they can jump-start their careers. When you learn while using the best, why not stay with the best?

Personalized teaching, experienced teachers

The Académie offers you education at a human level. By limiting class size, our instructors are able to give personalized advice in a relaxed atmosphere. And thanks to our live models, you get to practice on real people as early as possible. A great way to begin your active professional life with maximum confidence!

…which enables quick access to the job market

We offer intensive courses. This means that your new career can begin faster that you realize: in most cases, in a little as 3-6 months after you start your course. No need to waste time sitting in a classroom when your time could be better spent working, and earning money, doing what you love!

The total package

We hope it becomes abundantly clear that we don’t do things half-heartedly at the Académie Dectro. Why pretend otherwise? We simply aim to offer the very best formation in beauty and hair removal in the world. And let us be honest here: when your future is on the line, there simply is no room for compromise. So if you are thinking of embarking on a new career in those fields, do not hesitate. Rather do like hundreds of satisfied and successful students, and join the adventure!


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