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In case of emergency, wax away!


When the weather forecast has you eyeing that cute summer dress you bought on the clearance rack last year, what to do? To shave or to wax? Talk about a dilemma.

Everybody agrees shaving is quick, easy and painless (except when you’re not careful… ouch!). But razor blades are very irritating to the skin and the results they yield are, at best, transitory. Indeed, because hair is cut at the surface of the skin, regrowth occurs quickly. Waxing, on the other hand, is much gentler to your skin, and because it removes the hair alongside its bulb, results are more durable. You can expect to see noticeable regrowth in 3 to 4 weeks. An additional perk of waxing is that, as hair is subjected to the procedure over a period of time, it becomes gradually thinner and less conspicuous. Nice!

Quite a few will be tempted, in the spirit of thrift, to undergo the waxing procedure at home. But are the risks are really worth the possible burns, irritations or other injuries one may inflict on our own clumsy self? We think not. Indeed, having a professional take care of the job is a smart move, especially in the case of hard-to-reach or sensitive areas, such as the bikini. Improper technique also risks deforming the hairs, which may promote ingrown hair growth.

As far as the wax itself is concerned, first understand that all are not created equal, far from it! Just have a look at our very own Gala range right here: Creamy, semi-creamy, liquid, soft or hard, with or without fragrance, strips-based or free-flowing, there are many, many kinds to choose from, for every taste, every type of hair,  every region and every skin type – enough to make your head spin! Another reason why you should definitely leave waxing to the pros!


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  • Reply Antonymous 2020-02-18 at 12:49

    I think that both shaving and waxing are at a tie on being the best termporary hair removal methods. They both come with important imperfection yet with great advantages, which depending on your preferences might or might not overcome or minimize their downfall. My personal preference is for shaving, for example, yes the results are transitory like you said, so it has to be redone often, plus it’s much harder to stop or change the method as it might stimulate further hair growth a little, over time. Yeah I don’t like that, like waxers definitely don’t like pain ^_^, but it also doesn’t really bother me as well, because it’s pretty much painless as long as I’m careful, but I’m used to it along with being very quick, I can do it whenever I need or want and be hairfree.

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