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Why is electrolysis the best method to eliminate facial hair?


The face is the area we spend the most time on, and that’s not surprising, since it’s our calling card and the most exposed part of our daily lives. This is why the appearance of dark or excessive hair in certain areas can be embarrassing, especially on the chin, between the eyebrows, upper lip, sideburns and even the cheeks. Faced with this situation, many people wonder if there is a permanent and effective solution. The answer is yes, and it’s called electroepilation!

  1. When it comes to the face, electroepilation (also known as electrolysis) is the best way to remove hair because it is the only one that is completely permanent. Indeed, if you start with laser or IPL, you will definitely have to finish the job with electrolysis sessions because, after several treatments, the hair becomes less pigmented and electrolysis is the only way to permanently remove all types of hair, whether dark or light.

  2. Not all areas of the face are suitable for laser or IPL treatments. It is true that it is contraindicated to use these methods on areas near the eyes, nose or ears. Electroepilation, on the other hand, is safe on all body areas.

  3. In addition, you may have heard that after laser/IPL hair removal on an area of your face, more hair grows back. Commonly referred to as the rebound effect or paradoxical effect, this occurs when laser/IPL hair removal is applied to areas where fine, light-colored hair is found, such as the face. Since these hairs are not pigmented enough to be destroyed by the laser/IPL, they are instead stimulated by heat. In reality, the hairs do not grow back in greater numbers, but the fine hairs that are present become stronger and more visible. This is not likely to happen with electrolysis because the treatment is applied to the root of the hair follicle, one hair at a time.

  4. With electroepilation, you don’t have to do anything between each session. On the other hand, with laser and IPL, it is necessary to shave the facial hair to avoid burning the skin surface during treatment. A practice that can make some people reluctant, and with good reason.

  5. Another advantage of electrolysis in the facial area is that this method allows for precision work. Since it is a selective technique that treats each hair, one by one, it is possible, for example, to draw a very precise eyebrow or beard line or to eliminate only the most visible and embarrassing hairs. This is not possible with laser or IPL because the tip of the device targets a larger area of the skin and therefore several hairs at the same time.

Electroepilation (electrolysis) is a proven technique that is the safest and only permanent method for the facial area. It is a procedure that gives spectacular results and satisfies the most determined people who want to get rid of their facial hair once and for all.

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