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4 easy steps to remove your makeup after a night out


Holiday season is coming up fast, and coming with it is the annual office party, the Christmas and New Years Eve festivities that finish late. Fatigue slowly settles during the night, making you question whether you really should remove your makeup before going to bed. However, it is essential to cleanse the skin, even after a night of partying.

Why ?

At night, the skin breathes and regenerates. Makeup hinders this mechanism and causes epidermis irritation. That is when pores dilate, secrete sebum and pimples and redness appear. Skipping the makeup removing step often means skipping cleansing, applying the lotion and the moisturizer as well. The skin not being hydrated enough, this creates the premature formation of wrinkles. If you are not going back home or are travelling, you can always use a 3 in 1 product to save on luggage space or time, like micellar water (Micell).

You don’t wear makeup?

It is important to cleanse your skin, even if you don’t wear makeup. Getting your skin clean and pure at night is crucial because not only do you remove makeup, but you also purify the skin by eliminating impurities, sweat and accumulated pollution. You will also get better results out of the other cares that you apply on your skin; your moisturizer will be a lot more effective on clean skin.

The routine

Step 1: no black streaks down your face

Using one cotton pad per eye, apply a makeup removing lotion, such as the Dermaliss 2-in-1 facial cleanser and eye makeup remover. Let the soaked pad rest on the lashes before sliding it from the root towards the tip.

Step 2: eliminate superficial impurities

Softly massage a cleanser (Dermaliss) with your finger tips from the neck towards the face and from the nose towards the ears. This way, you will not traumatize your tissues. Proceed with first rinse using your hands or a cotton pad.

Step 3: dissolve deeper toxins

Start over with the step 2 massage technique, using a little bit more pressure. Proceed with second rinse using your hands or a cotton pad.

Step 4: perfectly clean

Apply a lotion (Toniqa) using a cotton pad. You will know that your skin is perfectly clean once the last used pad is immaculate.

Now that you have such an easy beauty routine to follow, there is no reason to go to bed with your makeup on. Happy holidays!

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