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Just me – spring/summer 2017


Beautiful, free and self-willed, confident and determined, full of joy of life, a courageous fighter, unique in her imperfections, entirely herself. She takes the liberty of feeling comfortable in her own skin. The woman of 2017 resolutely reaches out for the stars, independently chooses what‘s right for her, selects what she feels is beautiful and decides who she wants to be.

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Cosmetic Products

How to choose a makeup remover?


Removing you makeup should be, every night, the first step of your beauty routine, but you still have to figure out what product best suits you amongst all the available choices. What makeup remover should you choose and how should you apply it to prepare your skin for cleansing?

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Eliminate signs of fatigue


The holiday season is the occasion for some people to rest, whereas for others, it is a race against the clock with many family gatherings and parties with friends and colleagues. With all these programmed festivities, the lack of sleep and energy results in dark circles, greenish-white complexion, drawn features, visible pores and many other signs of fatigue. Home tips, make-up suggestions and product recommendation will rescue your face during this eventful period!

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Cosmetic Products

Stagecolor: Fall-Winter Trends


For the seasons to come, we will look at makeup with a new perspective. In the fall, the Design Catwalk trend will offer various shades of seductive reds and deep blacks. For the wintertime trend, Dark Romantic will passionately and provocatively play with your senses. The greenish, reddish, and grayish eyeshadow quatuors, lipsticks, and nail polishes will create a mysterious and delicate effect all at the same time. Continue Reading…