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Eliminate signs of fatigue


The holiday season is the occasion for some people to rest, whereas for others, it is a race against the clock with many family gatherings and parties with friends and colleagues. With all these programmed festivities, the lack of sleep and energy results in dark circles, greenish-white complexion, drawn features, visible pores and many other signs of fatigue. Home tips, make-up suggestions and product recommendation will rescue your face during this eventful period!


Taking care of your skin is so important! Don’t neglect your daily care because of a lack of time, you will notice the negative side effects sooner than later. Here are a few product suggestions to smooth the signs of fatigue without a visit to the salon.

  • Biolift mask: this mask provides an exceptional moment of relaxation and wellness. It makes the skin smoother, firmer and perfectly restructured.
  • Eye Illuminating Detox – eye puffs and bags: this care provides a global rejuvenating action thanks to its restorative, illuminating and lifting action. Nothing quite beats this product for refreshing the eyes.
  • Vita+ super nourishing cream: its lipid restoring action for dry, dull and devitalized skin brings vitality to the skin while reducing the aspect of wrinkles.
  • Nocturnal Detox Concentrate: this concentrate is an unparalleled regenerator. A 10 days sleep cure with this product will give you a soft, relaxed sensation. It softens, hydrates and improves the appearance of the skin while eliminating toxins.


Make-up is a great ally when it comes to instantly hiding signs of fatigue. Just a few touch-ups will give you that healthy glow!

  • Blur the blue halos underneath your eyes with concealer. Favour liquid textures that provide a better smoothing effect, like the Perfect Skin Fluid. Draw and fill a triangle that goes lower than your dark circles, then blend the product by lightly dabing on your skin with a make-up sponge. This way, you will avoid dragging or piling up concealer and will get much better coverage.
  • Illuminate darker areas by applying a lighter shade than your skin’s and add a touch of light in the inner corner of the eyes, on the tip of the nose and on the upper lip’s bow.
  • Also apply a light coat of mascara to widen and light up your eyes instantly. The Showstar mascara emphasizes the eyes by giving volume and lenght to the lashes with its rich and creamy formula.

Home tips

If the recommended products and make-up are not enough for you, you can always experiment with these few home tips.

  • To tone and give a healthy glow to the dull and tired complexion, spray cold water on your face. Cold water stimulates circulation, which gives you a radiant complexion. Instant refreshing sensation!
  • To avoid puffy eyes in the morning, sleep with an extra pillow. Elevating your head relieves the congestion in your face and activates circulation. Why not give it a try?
  • To reduce the appearance of the bags under your eyes, place 2 spoons in the freezer for 10 minutes, then place them underneath your eyes for 2 minutes. Cold activates circulation and helps reduce swelling. Good old trick for puffy eyes!

With all these tips, you will have a much more relaxed look and a radiant-looking skin. After the holidays frenzy, don’t forget to kick back and relax, because nothing beats a good night sleep.

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