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5 anti-aging tips for women under 35


Anti-aging care before 35? Yes! At this age, the objective is to keep your youthful glow and postpone the appearance of signs of aging. Between 20 and 25, hydration is priority whereas between 26 and 35, it should be prevention.


  1. Be disciplined and wear sunscreen every day. The vast majority of your wrinkles, fine lines and pigment spots are due to sun exposure and can therefore be controlled with a good sunscreen. Zinc oxide, used in Ombracrème, is an excellent natural filter.
  1. Obviously, providing the skin with proper hydration will preserve its healthy glow and elasticity. It is not necessary for younger women to use very active anti-wrinkle creams, they should focus on hydrating the epidermis with products like the Vita+ nourishing cream or the Excel Therapy essential youthfulness cream. For those in the prevention phase, the Royal Jelly comfort cream restores firmness and slows wrinkle formation while erasing signs of fatigue.
  1. Wash your face morning and night to prevent the obstruction of the pores (and the pimples that follow) and avoid blurred and dull complexion. However, make sure you are not too harsh on your skin and stay away from irritating products. Go for a product like Dermaliss or the Hydra cleasing milk-cream.
  1. If you haven’t already done so, it is time to start using an eye and lip contour cream. It slows down the expression lines and crow’s feet formation while keeping the skin taut. The Excel Therapy O2 essential youthfulness eye contour is a great starting point to prevent and curb the first signs of aging, whereas the SRNS eye repair night serum has an in dept action to fight wrinkles, fine lines and limpness, while correcting signs of fatigue.
  2. Look for products that contain the following key ingredients: vitamin C to brighten (Timexpert C+ instant luminosity mask), hyaluronic acid to moisturize (Aqua+ moisturizing cream) and AHA to exfoliate (Synergyage glycocure exfoliating mask).

Don’t hesitate to consult your aesthetician, because choosing an anti-aging product on your own can be confusing with all the available options . After performing a skin analysis, she will give you personalized recommendations for a beauty routine that is adapted to your skin and needs.

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