Long lasting makeup for the holidays


So you have some rings under your eyes and a leaky foundation that runs and creases, sound familiar? Make way for holiday makeup that lasts all night! Learn to pick long lasting products and the right techniques to keep your makeup flawless into the early morning hours. The holiday season and all its follies… Here’s your chance to try out that smoky look and those sparkly eyeshadows. You could leave the sparkles for your eye makeup only but they can also have quite an effect when used on the body like on your shoulders or cleavage. Use wisely though, too much glitter and no one will tell you apart from the ornaments!

Elevate your look

There are several eye makeup techniques. The key is to be patient and develop your own. Here are some tips to prevent messes and save you time:
First, apply a primer for eyelids. This essential step will ease the application of all eye shadows and will help it last the whole evening. The Transparent gel primer and the Eye fix powder for eyelids offered by Stagecolor will give you intense colour while creating a protective barrier between the sebum and the skin. The gel primer applicator can easily reach all areas including just below the lashes. For those with drooping eyelids, the use of the eye fix powder is recommended. For a colour scheme, look here to see our vast array of smooth eye shadows in matte or shimmery colours. The Forever eyeliner and the False lash effect mascara, two essential tools to achieve your evening makeup look and give your eyes that sublime and entrancing gaze.

Simple and effective tips:
  • If you have difficulty tracing that perfectly curved eyeliner line, draw little dots along your lash line and then proceed to “connect the dots”;
  • In a hurry? To take your makeup from daytime classic to holiday chic in a flash, simply sweep some glitter over your eyeshadow;
  • Adding a very light shade just below the brow line will instantly illuminate your gaze. Never forget to wax and shape your eyebrows. After all, they frame your eyes and give your face expression;
  • When applying eyeshadow, place a tissue under the lash line. This will prevent eye shadow powder from falling on the cheeks.

The secret to a lasting natural look

Preparing your skin is the first step to ensuring a longer lasting wear than your usual daily makeup application. As such, the night before the application, be sure to exfoliate your skin and apply a face mask to free your skin or all impurities and dead skin cells. Apply a fine layer of your favourite day cream and wait a few minutes before applying your foundation. The Face Primer is a must. Its main tasks are to:

  • Reduce excess sebum;
  • Reduce the appearance of pores;
  • Give the skin a velvety feel;
  • Brighten makeup and help it last longer.

The second step is to apply concealers. To cover dark circles, your under-eye concealer should have some yellow undertones. Be sure to have the right concealer for your skin tone. The natural look remains one of our favourites this year and that is just perfect! We favour mineral powders and tinted beauty balms (BB creams) so out go the heavy coverage creams and foundations!
Note: Oily skin tends to make tinted creams seem darker. Be sure to pick your shade accordingly. The third step is to seal the whole look, from flawless skin to perfect eyes, with our transparent fix powder to ensure a lasting matte finish and keep makeup water resistant. The powder is suitable for use with all skin tones and all brands of makeup.

From blush to gloss

Sometimes called rouge, blush application is not to be skipped or overlooked. Blush helps give you that healthy look and highlights your cheekbones. On narrow faces, lighter blush shades help soften angles and give a more youthful look. Darker blush shades applied just under the cheekbones help thin out and shape rounder faces. For a healthy glow, finish the look by applying a light shimmery bronzer to your cheekbones, chin and the bridge of your nose, why not? If there’s too much blush on your cheeks, simply blot the excess away with a round cotton pad or use a large blush brush to cover with your tinted loose powder.
Before applying any colour to your lips, be sure they have been exfoliated and hydrated. Wait a few minutes to make sure the product has been absorbed. With Stagecolor, you now have the perfect tool to prevent your lip colour from running into the small wrinkles around the lips. This tool gives lips a voluptuous and fresh look and prevents your lip colour from fading. Line your lips using a tone on tone lip liner. Then apply your favourite lipstick using a lip brush for a more precise and smooth result.

Festive touch: apply a hint of shimmery powder in the centre of the lower lip and follow with a hint of lip gloss. Use this technique for perfectly highlighted, mistletoe-ready lips!
Tip from the pros: If you chose you make your gaze the focal point of you makeup, pick a lipstick colour that closely matches your lips skin tone.

One last tip before getting ready for the big night:

Think about choosing a nail polish colour that matches with your makeup scheme, your outfit or one of your accessories for that totally glamorous look!

Happy Holidays!

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