Tired skin? Here’s a great cleansing idea!


Some seasons bring about winds of change more apparent than others, such as spring and fall. Fall is the most beautiful in my opinion. If the fall season can charm us with its dazzling colors, it can also have a negative impact on our morale and our skin. These seasonal changes often include harsh conditions that leave our epidermis fragile: thick and asphyxiated skin, pigmented spots, blurred complexion…

Such skin conditions can, by the surface accumulation of dead cells and cell debris, make the absorption of beauty products difficult. You have perhaps noticed that their effect did not produce the desired results or were unsatisfactory?  This accumulation dulls the complexion and renders the penetration of cosmetic products more difficult, reducing their efficiency.

To correct this problem, microdermabrasion has proved to be an indispensable care treatment for an autumn beauty treatment. Microdermabrasion is an in-depth exfoliation performed by estheticians.  This treatment eliminates dead cells from the epidermis thanks to the propulsion of microcrystals that create a friction comparable to sanding. Once the skin is freed from the damaged layer, it leaves room for a completely renewed cutaneous tissue without any cell debris. This “sanding” accelerates the cellular replenishing and regeneration process that occurs after the treatment. In general, 3 to 5 sessions are required to give you a unified complexion. You can even combine a brightening serum to your treatments for more results.

Sometimes we need to boost our daily skin care in order to obtain optimal results. So give a boost to your skin and morale this fall by opting for a microdermabrasion treatment to counteract the effects of seasonal variations!

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