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Micellar water, cleansing milk, cleansing gel, which one to choose?


Removing makeup is usually somewhat of an inconvenience. Who hasn’t gone to bed without removing their makeup? Well, you should know that there is no worse decision, because the impurities on your face are in fact the residues of the deposited makeup, as well as other external agents. This is why it is important not to skip this step and to choose the right products to use. But between a micellar water, a cleansing milk or a cleansing gel, you don’t know where to start? Let’s take a look at the properties of each of these products to help you choose the one best suited for your skin type.

Cleansing milk

A cleansing milk gently cleanses the skin. It is generally a fluid, lipid-based emulsion that effectively removes impurities and makeup. Thanks to its milky texture, it also has a soothing and moisturizing effect.

Cleansing gel

A gel cleanser is great for removing excess oil and acne-causing bacteria on the face, as well as for deep cleansing the skin. By removing impurities, this water-based cleanser helps to prevent future breakouts and clogged pores. It leaves skin smooth, clean and free of impurities.

Micellar water

Micellar water contains small particles, called micelles, which absorb impurities from the skin. It removes oily particles such as sebum, makeup and other impurities from the face and eye area. It is a 3-in-1 product as it acts as a skin cleanser, toner and makeup remover for the eyes. It leaves a sensation of freshness on the skin.

Which product should you use for your skin type?

If your skin is more oily or mixed, gel cleansers are your best bet. It’s important to remember that the gel is activated by water, so dampen your skin before applying it and massage it into your face for a deep cleanse. However, oily skin should avoid foaming gels as they tend to over-dry the skin and stimulate the production of sebum. Tip: apply the cleansing gel in the shower, leave it on for a few minutes and massage it vigorously before rinsing it off.

If, on the other hand, you have dry, dehydrated and/or sensitive skin, it is recommended to use a cleansing milk. Thanks to its smooth and dense texture, it is less aggressive for the skin and does not dehydrate it. You can use it with a makeup remover pad or a cleansing sponge. If you wear a lot of makeup, the cleansing milk will also be the most effective cleanser. Tip: use at night to soothe your skin while cleansing it, and go to sleep with a perfectly clean face!

Micellar water is suitable for all skin types. Generally fragrance-free, it is suitable for sensitive skin, as it is a gentle makeup remover with soothing and refreshing properties. It is also very practical, because it allows a fast cleaning of the skin without any rinsing. Tip: Use when camping, traveling, late nights or in the morning to start the day fresh.

For an optimal cleansing of the skin, you can also adopt the two-step makeup removal technique, which consists of removing makeup and oil from the skin with a milk or gel before completing with a micellar water, which takes care of the bacteria or other toxins that may remain.

A good facial cleansing is the first real step to take care of your skin. It’s essential to remove makeup and leave your skin clean and free to breathe, free of the various impurities that have accumulated during the day or overnight. The world of facial cleansers is full of options. The important thing is to choose a product that is effective and suitable for your skin. Choose your favorite product from all the Action de Gala cleansers

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