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How to choose a makeup remover?


Removing you makeup should be, every night, the first step of your beauty routine, but you still have to figure out what product best suits you amongst all the available choices. What makeup remover should you choose and how should you apply it to prepare your skin for cleansing?

Cleansing milk

To softly remove makeup from dry and reactive skins, cleansing milk is perfect because it eliminates impurities from the surface of the skin without an irritating effect. For very dry skins, it can also be used to cleanse the face morning and night. Try the Dermaliss (Action de Gala), practical with its 2-in-1 formula that is soft enough to use on the eyes.

Using your fingers or a coton pad, massage in circular motion on the skin until the makeup is dissolved. Rinse with water.

Biphasic lotion

Essential to remove waterproof makeup, it is composed of an aqueous phase and an oil phase. Ideal to remove clinging makeup, biphasic lotion acts rapidly and softly on the eyes but is not recommended for the rest of the face. Very soft, the Gentle Biphasic Makeup Remover (Bioline) leaves the skin clean and lashes supple.

Soak a coton or a cotton bud in lotion, then wipe the lashes from the root towards the tip. Rinse with water.

Cleansing oil

Although you may be tempted to think otherwise, cleansing oils are suitable for all skin types, even combination or oily skin. They are very efficient to remove clinging makeup on the eyes and the rest of the face and, depending on the specific chosen product, they can also provide purifying, hydrating or anti-aging actions. The Express Makeup Removal Oil (Germaine de Capuccini) is ideal for mature and dehydrated skins.

Some oils have to be used with a cotton pad, whereas others have to be massaged on the face with the fingertips. Read the instruction label for proper use. Cleansing oil always has to be rinsed with water.

Micellar water

Micellar water is a liquid made of water and micelles, which are very small phospholipids that attract and retain impurities. It is ideal to remove makeup at night and to freshen up the skin in the morning, but it is not effective on waterproof makeup. Micell’s (Action de Gala) 175 ml bottle and 3-in-1 formula make it a staple for all your trips.

Apply micellar water on a coton and massage on the skin. Little extra: no need to rinse!

Makeup removing wipes

Very simple to use, the wipes tend to dry the skin and to be a bit ineffective. They are not recommended for dry skin as the friction between the wipe and the skin can be irritating, but they can still be handy when you want to spend less time in front of the mirror.

Finish your night routine with a cleanser, a tonic lotion and a moisturizer. All of your products have to be chosen according to your skin type and the desired action to give you comfort and efficiency. Ideally, you should consult your aesthetician who will analyze your skin and give you personalized recommendations, providing you all the tricks you need to maintain a healthy-looking skin!

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