Manicure essentials: base and top coats


Full-blown accessory, nail polish is worn in a multitude of different hues, from the most neutrals to the most colourful. Finding the perfect shade at every manicure is such a struggle! Be careful not to neglect the staples: the base coat and the top coat, which are much more than a simple clear coat of polish.

Base coat

Apply your nail polish directly on the nail, without protection? No way! In addition to extending the manicure’s lifespan, the base coat also acts as a protective layer for the skin, in particular if you are wearing dark or very pigmented polish that can stain your natural nail. Acting as a shield, the base coat prevents any contact between the nail surface and some components of the polish that could potentially harm it. Some bases are also treating, meaning that they are enriched with vitamins, essential oils, amino acids, etc. Depending on the ingredients and product components, they can harden, smooth or accelerate nail growth.

If nails are weak, choose a vitaminized hardener or a treatment care to restructure them (SNB Diamond Hardener). If the nails split, apply a smoothing base to fill in ridges (SNB Base Coat).

Top coat

The application of a top coat is a must if you want to maintain a flawless manicure for more than a few hours. Ultimate step of the manicure, the top coat not only allows you to protect the colour (SNB Long Lasting Top Coat), but also to bring a touch of creativity to your manicure: ultra-shiny finish, velvet effect with matte finish or festive spirit with sequins. For those in a hurry, some top coats accelerate drying time for a faster manicure (SNB Top Coat Express SNB)!

Pro tip: after applying your coloured polish, wait for about 60 seconds before layering the top coat. Reapply every two days to maximise resistance and shine.

Impeccable hands start with healthy and neat nails that, just like your skin, deserve to be pampered. Even though you might be tempted to skip them to save some time, the base and top coats are central elements of a great and durable manicure.

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