Top 10 Beauty Products for your Next Trip Under the Sun


The countdown has started, only a few days before you start packing and realize that your beauty pouch has been completely neglected. Busy shopping for new bikinis or trying on your favourite dresses? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered; we’ve prepared a complete must-have list of all the products you need to take care of your skin while on vacation. Talking about vacation, why would you want to take such good care of your skin while you’re away? Because you’re taking time for yourself and should stick with good products to avoid bad surprises during your stay under the tropics.

Bouteilles vides format voyageIn order to travel light and protect the original packages, an easy solution would be to pour your products in empty containers. Here at Dectro, we have these little 6ml bottles that are airtight and practical! Keep in mind that the only authorized liquid and gel products in your carry-on are containers of maximum 100ml each. These products should also be in a resealable plastic bag with a maximum capacity of 1L. Another interesting option if you’re leaving for a short period (one week or less) would be to get a hold of samples (space saving guaranteed!). Moreover, plane rides can be tough on your beauty products since the air pressure can blow up your containers and carriers sometimes swing your suitcases eagerly. Having your products in small sizes on board can spare you some trouble once you open your luggage!

Here Are the Top 10 Beauty Products for your Next Trip
Under the Sun


Sunscreen with light texture, transparent and matte finish: UV Urban shield, Germaine de Capuccini


Anti-aging body care that repairs damages caused by the sun: After sun with hydrodynamic protection, Germaine de Capuccini


Restorative facial care, for a lasting sun kissed glow: Icy Pleasure after sun, Germaine de Capuccini


Micellar water 3 in 1 that replaces the eye makeup remover, cleansing lotion and hydrating lotion: Micell, Action de Gala


Soothing and moisturizing balm gel, ideal for red patches: Hydraplus, Action de Gala


Protection cream zinc oxide and Emu Oil that helps prevent the appearance of pigment spots: Ombracrème, Action de Gala


Nourishing body lotion, ideal for moisturizing the skin after sun exposure: Nutrisens, Action de Gala


BB Cream offered in 4 shades that gives a fresh and natural glow to the skin: BB Cream, Stagecolor


No lump and no crumb under the eyes, long-lasting and waterproof mascara: Mascara All intense waterproof, Stagecolor


Felt-tip eyeliner offered in 4 colours, waterproof and rubbing resistant: Eyeliner Forever, Stagecolor

Now that you know what are the travelling essentials to pamper your skin, you’re ready to complete your suitcase and carry-on worriless, have a nice trip!

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