Académie Dectro breaks new ground with the very first online electrolysis course!


Interested by an ever-evolving profession that allows you to combine your passion for beauty with your entrepreneurial spirit? When observing the trend over the last few years, it appears clearly that more and more people wish to permanently get rid of their hair, creating at the same time incredible business opportunities for aesthetics and epilation professionals. Multiple methods, such as LASER and intense pulsed light (IPL), allow a permanent reduction of the pilosity, but the only hair removal technology that can completely and permanently eliminate hairs remains electrolysis.

Interested by electrolysis? Of course, you will need training that stands as high as your ambition in order to understand the theory, to apply the best techniques and therefore to be prepared to face the labour market knowing that you fully master the profession. For the last 20 years, the Académie Dectro has trained thousands of professionals all over the world and has achieved a proven reputation. Why choose the Académie Dectro? For its experienced trainers, its customized training, its cutting-edge equipment and the excellent placement rate of its graduates.

Interested by the Académie Dectro? You should know that on top of all the advantages mentioned above, the Académie now offers the very first online electrolysis course. The theorical part of the training can therefore be made anywhere at any time! It is the ideal option for those who wish to progress at their own pace and have a flexible schedule. Besides, the course’s interface is intuitive and compatible with all types of electronic devices; whether you are sitting at home with your tablet, on the bus with your cellphone or at the library with your laptop, you can browse through all the course’s modules. Moreover, each of the 15 modules covers a specific subject that includes diversified and user-friendly learning material: videos, PDF manual, PowerPoint summaries and quiz are available to maximize the student’s learning process. These subjects go over the technical aspect, such as the skin and the epilation techniques, as much as the entrepreneurial aspect, such as marketing and business plan. Therefore, you will be holding not only a professional electrologist certification, but also all the necessary tools to start your own business!

Interested to know more? Take a look at the online course’s page on the Académie Dectro’s website by clicking the following link: http://academiedectro.com/en/our-courses/electrolysis/online-electrolysis-course/

Study well!

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