Electrologist, a profession of the future


Interested by an ever-evolving profession that allows you to combine your passion for beauty with your entrepreneurial spirit? With the significant growth of the hair removal market and the growing accessibility to quality training, the electrologist profession is being chosen by more and more people wanting to turn their passion into a successful career.

The Attractiveness of the Permanent Hair Removal Market

Well established for several years, the ” hairless ” trend continues to grow. More and more people are using permanent hair removal to get rid of their superfluous hair. Although initially the clientele of aesthetic institutes was mainly composed of women, men are increasingly investing in hair removal. This steady growth in demand for such services on the market thus creates exciting business opportunities for hair removal professionals.

Turn to Electroepilation

Electroepilation is the only method of hair removal recognized as 100% permanent by Health Canada, the FDA and the worldwide medical community, making the electrologist the only person able to offer a truly permanent hair removal treatment. Although photoepilation, with laser and IPL, is a very popular technique, it has limits that only electroepilation can overcome. Scientific studies have demonstrated that photoepilation is not effective on less pigmented hairs and dark skin, in addition to being risky on the face and contraindicated for the eyebrows. To provide a complete service that meets the expectations of customers looking for a definitive solution for unwanted hair on all body areas, electroepilation is a must for any beauty institute.

Becoming your own boss in less than a year!

One of the great benefits of electroepilation is the speed with which this profession can be learned. It is possible to complete the professional training and start a business in less than a year! So you can become your own boss and have control over your work schedule, while developing your business and living on your passion for beauty. In addition, when comparing hair removal to other fields, the initial investment is relatively low and therefore makes entrepreneurship more accessible to professionals.

The Académie Dectro offers online electroepilation courses to make this profession more accessible around the world. This is the ideal option if you want to progress at your own pace and have a flexible schedule. The theoretical portion of learning can be done anywhere and anytime, while practical training is performed at one of our accredited Académie partner around the world.


Because electroepilation is a treatment that requires a lot of precision, the technician who applies it must be thorough and have good vision. The insertion of a fine probe in the natural opening of the hair follicle and reaching proper depth requires good dexterity in order to guarantee the best results and a maximum comfort for the client. In addition, the electrologist must know the structure of the skin and the hair in order to properly plan the treatment, recognize the contraindications, choose the right probe, modalities and parameters to adapt the treatment to each client.

Being an electrologist is a rewarding profession that aims to make customers happy with their appearance by establishing a bond of trust with them. It must be understood that for many people, eliminating unwanted hair exceeds the need to look good. The real impact of electroepilation is reflected not only on the physical level, but also on a person’s confidence and positively affects his or her overall well-being.


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