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To obtain the desired success in the field of beauty, everything starts with a proper business management system. Whether you’re an aesthetician, an electrologist, a massage therapist, or a nail technician, you also have to be an outstanding business woman in order to survive in these highly competitive trades.

For sure revenues account for a great deal of your business, since they allow you to cover the costs related to the devices used, administrative fees, wages, etc. This is why the term “business woman” takes on all its meaning. One way to increase your revenue stream is to suggest to your clients an additional care or product during each one of their visits. Nobody’s in a better position than you to understand their needs after a treatment. Imagine a doctor who lets his or her patient leave without giving any advice or prescription… This would hardly be professional!

Proposing adequate products to your clients is an essential element to the quality of your work. Of course, there are many sales techniques and advice to give, but the important thing is to target the needs of your client and to find the words that are most adequate to your personality and the service you want to offer. With these tips and recommendations, your clients will be satisfied and their trust in your judgement will increase instantly.

It’s a fact, the profitability of your salon is critically important; however, its management is equally important. Have you ever experienced inventory problems? Do have enough time to calculate your revenues and the commissions of your employees? Do you dream of being able to visualize quickly the needs that your clients have received, the products they have bought and the date of their next appointment? If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions, it’s time you digitize the management system of your salon! This action will save you a lot of time, increase the quality of your service and, consequently, your sales.

Jointly developed by Dectro International and Dectronique Informatique, this Alpha Salon management software was specially designed to meet the needs of beauty, hair removal, tanning, massage therapy salons and spa centers. Furthermore, the three available versions (Simple, Multi or Spa) are perfectly suited to all types of salons, small or big.

Alpha Salon is not accounting software; it’s a management software that facilitates first of all your daily tasks and provides in a specific and user friendly way the information that an accountant needs to produce the annual reports. The history and the total of service and products sales are cumulated on a monthly basis, which allows you to quickly recognize the habits of your clients. Furthermore, it ensures a better follow-up of your clients by giving you all the necessary information in a fraction of a second. In short, say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork! So, it’s really up to you to seize upon this opportunity to offer your clientele an outstanding service and achieve financial success.
For more information on Alpha Salon, contact us:

Dectro International: 418.650.0303 | 1 800.463.5566
Dectronique Informatique: 418.650.6667 | 1 800.681.0770
or click here to obtain the trial version!

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