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What is the difference between an exfoliant and a deep-cleanser?


Exfoliation helps rid the skin of dead cells and enhance the penetration of products applied subsequently. Exfoliation may be performed on nearly all skin types. There are two types of exfoliant. Depending on how sensitive the skin is, you will use either a mechanical or enzymatic exfoliant. On normal skin, a mechanical exfoliant such as Exoderm of the Action de Gala line may be applied without hesitation. However, if the skin is delicate, it is recommended to use an enzyme-based exfoliant such as Enzyderm of the Action de Gala line, which contains no granules and requires minimal manipulation. Just apply it onto the skin as a mask and let it work for a few minutes under the steam or in the shower.

Deep-cleansing is completely different from exfoliation. It is performed to eliminate the excess of sebum and impurities, facilitate blackhead removal and soften the horny plug. This type of care requires the use of a negative galvanic current and an ionizable deep-cleansing product such as Limpiderm of the Action de Gala line. It is specifically suited for lipidic, hyperlipidic or acne-prone skins. Limpiderm can also be used at home as a daily cleanser for lipid skin.

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