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When it comes to electroepilation, the choice of probes plays a vital role in the effectiveness and safety of treatments. In this blog, we will explore the different types of probes available on the market and their impact on the results of electroepilation sessions. From size selection to the use of insulated probes, discover the best practices for optimizing your treatments and ensuring client satisfaction.

Probe types

There are two types of probes available on the market: one-piece and two-piece. Single-piece probes are rigid, conically shaped and tapered at the tip. This shape leads to variations in probe diameter. Using them demands experience and caution as their rigidity might make it challenging to sense the resistance indicating whether the electrologist has reached the bottom of the follicle or has an improper insertion angle.

On the other hand, two-piece probes, such as Pro-Tec probes, are flexible, evenly shaped and have a rounded tip. Their main advantage lies in the flexibility provided by their cylindrical shape. Consequently, during challenging insertions, they slide more easily into the hair follicle, allowing the electrologist to sense the resistance and adjust the insertion without damaging the follicle. Its shape ensures uniform electrical conduction, while the rounded tip guarantees safety to prevent any injury to the base of the follicle.

Probe size

In electroepilation, there are several different probe sizes available. Each size must correspond to the diameter and length of the hair implantation. Therefore, it is essential to have various probe sizes to effectively treat all types and depths of hair.

Pro-Tec probes offer a size range from 1 to 5. The choice should be based on the thickness and depth of the hair, as well as the size of the ostium.

Size 1 probes are intended for superficial vellus hairs. Size 2 probes are suitable for fine and superficial hairs. Size 3 probes are adapted to medium-sized terminal hairs. Size 4 probes are designed for large terminal hairs, especially deep ones, while size 5 probes are reserved for very large terminal hairs implanted deeply.

When the size chosen by the electrologist is inadequate, the papilla will not be properly treated, and the hair may even be severed by a current distributed too superficially in the follicle. It is therefore essential to always choose the probe size carefully based on the treated area, hair type, hair and ostium size, as well as hair depth.

Pro-Tec insulated probes

The use of insulated probes should now be the norm in electroepilation. Several scientific studies have demonstrated that insulated probes enable a more concentrated destruction. With insulated probes, the energy produced is localized at the base of the follicle, where the germinative cells are located. By targeting the desired area of destruction more precisely, your treatments will be more effective and you’ll be able to reduce your parameters, thereby increasing your client’s comfort. Moreover, insulation reduces heat diffusion and prevents it from rising to the skin’s surface, thus protecting it from skin reactions.

Pro-Tec probes are available in two types of insulation: IsoGard and IsoBlend. IsoGard probes are insulated up to the tip, leaving approximately one-quarter of the probe uninsulated. This insulation is recommended when using thermolysis modalities on superficial or telogen hairs. As for IsoBlend insulation, the probe is insulated up to about halfway, making it ideal for Blend modalities or for thermolysis modalities on deep hairs.

Pro-Tec probes feature many qualities, but what makes them unique are their SteriGard protective collars, which prevent bacterial growth on the probe holder. Each size is color coded, allowing for quick identification and easier installation of the probe. Additionally, its MicroGard tip, with its rounded shape, provides optimal application and safety. Lastly, its SecurGard pouch ensures sterility for five years.

Use protocol

It is essential to have a diverse range of sizes as well as both types of insulation to ensure proper selection during electroepilation treatments. It is also crucial to remember that probes are disposable accessories and should only be used on a single client for a single treatment. It may be necessary to use multiple sizes during a single session, hence the importance of immediately discarding them after use in a designated container for medical waste, never to be reused.

Ultimately, choosing the right electroepilation probes is a fundamental step in guaranteeing optimal results. By understanding the different options available and following a rigorous usage protocol, you improve the effectiveness of your treatments while ensuring the safety and comfort of your clients. With Pro-Tec probes, you benefit from the quality, sterility and diversity required to meet the specific needs of each of your patrons.

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