Apilus Platinum Pure is now discontinued

Apilus Platinum Pure

All good things must come to an end! It is with a touch of nostalgia that Dectro announces that the Apilus Platinum Pure is now discontinued. After revolutionizing the electrolysis market a dozen years ago by introducing the 27 MHz frequency, this Dectro flagship device definitely passes on the torch to the new Apilus xCell technology. Thousands of Platinum devices sold around the world have greatly contributed to promote a highly efficient, ultra-comfortable and quick hair removal technique.

Customers who have purchased a Platinum device recently do not, however, have to worry. Dectro International will of course support the guarantee and will provide the technical service of this technology for the next 7 years.

From now on, we will be able to focus our efforts on the Apilus xCell technology. Faster with its 27.12 MHz frequency, more efficient with its precise programs and ever more comfortable thanks to the stability of the currents, the Apilus xCell is definitely the way of the future. Since its launch in 2014, sales have exceeded our expectations while opening doors to new export countries that wish to offer an efficient and modern solution for the removal of all types of hair. Creating such a craze certainly would not have been possible without you, dear customer, and for that we would like to say THANK YOU!

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