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For a long time, microdermabrasion treatments were avoided during the summer months. In recent years, however, we’ve come to realize that customers can enjoy excellent results even in summer! Let’s take the example of California, where microdermabrasion has been practiced for much longer than here, even in high temperatures, and with remarkable success.

In Quebec (Canada), we are fortunate to have a humid climate, which provides an additional advantage for microdermabrasion treatments in summer. The humidity helps maintain the flexibility of the skin, leading to faster recovery and optimal results. However, certain precautions must be taken to ensure the safety and well-being of our clients.

When a client receives a microdermabrasion treatment during summer, it is imperative that they avoid sun exposure. UV rays can be particularly harsh on freshly treated skin, increasing the risks of irritation and hyperpigmentation. It is essential to advise our clients to use a moisturizer suitable for their skin type and apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a high sun protection factor, even when they are not directly exposed to the sun.

It is essential to educate our clients about the importance of adequate hydration. Summer can be a time when the skin is more prone to dehydration due to heat and sun exposure. Therefore, it is recommended to advise our clients to use soothing moisturizers to maintain the moisture balance of their skin.

Regarding post-microdermabrasion care, it is recommended to continue the treatment with a hydrating and soothing mask. Gel or Bio-cellulose masks such as HydraPlus or Biolift are particularly beneficial as they refresh, moisturize and help reduce redness. These masks contribute to soothing and regenerating the skin, offering optimal comfort throughout summer.

Providing personalized advice and products tailored to the client’s skin, before and after microdermabrasion, is essential. This individualized approach will help maximize results and minimize potential risks.

In conclusion, microdermabrasion can be performed in summer with appropriate precautions. Our humid climate offers unique advantages for conducting these treatments. However, it is crucial to educate the clients about the importance of sun protection to avoid dark spots or other undesirable effects. Have a great summer!

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