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6 Reasons to Offer Electroepilation in your Beauty Salon


Do you own a beauty clinic and do not offer electrolysis? You think it has gone out of fashion because of the growing popularity of photoepilation? Well, think again! Electrolysis is the only hair removal method that permanently removes all types of hair, regardless of color. What’s more, there are no drawbacks to electrolysis, unlike photoepilation, which has a few restrictions and is therefore not suitable for 100% of your clients. Here are 6 reasons to offer this service in your clinic.

1. No hair is left standing!

Although laser and IPL hair removal have been on the rise for several years now, it is important to know that this technique is most effective for dark hair. Indeed, the destruction of blond, white, gray or red hair containing little or no pigment is impossible with IPL or laser. This is because the light is attracted to the pigment. By absorbing the light, the pigment in the hair heats up. No pigment = no heat = no destruction. Electrolysis, on the other hand, applies a current to the base of the hair using a small probe. Therefore, the color of the hair doesn’t matter. Consequently, it remains the only hair removal method that effectively and permanently eliminates all hair colors.

2. It is adapted to all skin colors

Electroepilation can effectively and safely be performed on anyone, regardless of their skin color (light, dark or black). Even though some darker skins can be treated with photoepilation, they present a greater risk of burns and the results obtained on hair are clearly inferior (not to say unsatisfactory) compared to those observed on lighter skins. The problem comes from the fact that the light (or the laser) cannot differentiate dark hair on a dark skin. It produces heat in both the skin and the hair. In order to protect the dark skin from being burned, the heat emitted must be reduced. As a consequence, the hair does not heat up enough to be permanently destroyed. Therefore, electrolysis remains the safest way to remove hair forever since the color of the skin has no effect on this method. In addition, thanks to insulated probes, the surface of the epidermis is twice as protected.

3. It is THE recommended technique for facial hair removal

Photoepilation is ideal for all body areas. However, application to the face is very limited due to the need to shave the area before treatment and the large size of the handpiece. This technique is also not recommended for the eyebrows, as the strong light source could damage the eyes. Electrolysis can be applied to all areas of the body and face. It is the recommended technique for facial hair removal since it does not require shaving and only targets unwanted hair. It is safe for the eyes and allows for precise hair removal from the eyebrow line and beard.

4. It is 100% permanent

Electrolysis is also the only hair removal method recognized as being completely permanent. Photoepilation devices offer a progressive and permanent reduction of hair growth of up to 80% in the best conditions (pale skin, dark hair). As a result, a minimum of 20% of hair will resist laser or pulsed light treatment. It is then appropriate to eliminate the remaining hair through electrolysis.

5. It is an excellent alternative to photoepilation

Electroepilation allows us to treat clients who cannot receive IPL or laser treatments because of their phototype or medical history. It is an alternative that meets the needs of all types of clients and is safe for all. It is also the ideal method for the summer, as it is not contraindicated on tanned skin, unlike photoepilation! If you don’t have an alternative to offer, your clients will most likely go elsewhere…

6. Stand out from the competition

Offering electrolysis hair removal is also a great way to distinguish yourself from the competition and reach more clients, as many beauty salons only offer photoepilation. Therefore, you will not only reach clients who favor electrolysis hair removal, but also those who wish to remove the remaining hair left by laser and IPL treatments.

Simply put, electrolysis is a widely used and highly appreciated form of permanent hair removal. It is a method that offers excellent results for all types of hair and on all areas of the body, namely the eyebrows, upper lip, chin, etc. It is also frequently used at the end of laser treatment to successfully target the few hairs that may remain. For all these reasons, electrolysis is an advantageous choice for any salon wishing to offer its clientele a complete and thorough hair removal service.

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