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Insulated probes; a “must” in electrolysis!


Although very effective, electrolysis was not really considered a comfortable treatment when it first began in 1875. However, this permanent hair removal technique has evolved so much over the years that it is now at the top of the list! Indeed, since the development of the 27 MHz ultrafast radiofrequency and new working techniques such as the PicoFlash, the MultiPlex, the Synchro and the EvoluBlend, electrolysis specialists are now able to maximize their results while offering an unequalled level of comfort to their clients. On top of that, the insulated probes make electrolysis even more efficient and comfortable. Such small things make all the difference! Here’s why…

Why use insulated probes?

A great reason is that they protect the skin surface. You can say goodbye to “scabs” and welcome to beautiful, smooth and healthy skin without dark spots! The use of insulated probes will make all the difference for both sensitive and normal skin. Insulated probes also offer superior performance. According to our clinical studies, they offer results 17% faster than treatments with non-insulated probes. In fact, over a total of nine sessions, spread over ten months, for underarm hair removal, the average duration of a session with the non-insulated probe was 1.5 hours, compared to 1.15 hours with the insulated probe. In addition, we found 33% less regrowth on the surface treated with the insulated probe. These results can be explained by the fact that the insulated probe concentrates all the energy at the base of the hair, where the cells responsible for hair growth are located. The destruction is then much more efficient!

Pro-Tec Isogard probes

IsoGard probes are made of two pieces of surgical steel and are insulated up to the tip. The non-insulated part of the IsoGard probe is minimal, so the energy developed at its tip is very concentrated. This probe is mainly used for superficial insertions with rapid thermolysis modalities, such as PicoFlash, MicroFlash, MultiPlex or Synchro. However, this type of probe is not recommended for deep insertions, as the energy concentration at the tip is so high that it could cut the hair if the insertion is not precise. However, if you practice the double pulse technique, the IsoGard probe is a good choice.

Pro-Tec Isoblend probes

As for the Isoblend probe, it can be misinterpreted by its name. Despite this, we can use it for both thermolysis and blend techniques. It is also a probe made of two pieces of surgical steel, but insulated only up to half. The non-insulated part is longer, which allows for excellent results in deep insertions and for creating sufficient caustic soda when using Blend. It will protect the skin surface from any reaction while maximizing the effectiveness of your treatments. The use of the Isoblend probe is therefore to be preferred for all deep hairs!

Simply put, with insulated probes, electroepilation sessions are shortened, results are faster and undesirable skin reactions are avoided. The use of insulated probes also brings superior satisfaction to your clients and allows for much more comfortable treatments. To learn more about the use of insulated probes, advanced courses are available at all Dectro’s Academies. Ask for more information! Opting for the best work tool is a wise professional choice!

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