Thermolysis Modalities by Apilus


Since 1989, the electrolysis device brand Apilus  is synonymous with quality and innovation. In order to offer the most efficient and comfortable treatments on the market, Dectro International has developed many treatment modalities for its Apilus devices. Among these, 6 thermolysis modalities are available to offer a maximum of options to electrologists.


Used since 1938, thermolysis is one of three techniques that can be used to perform an electroepilation treatment. This technique is based on shortwave high frequency current. When the current is emitted, the energy produced inside the hair follicle creates a friction that turns into heat. It is this heat that coagulates the cells and tissues responsible for hair growth.

  • very fast application times (in thousandths of seconds for modern devices)
  • very comfortable, especially for face treatments
  • few contraindications
  • less effective than the blend on deformed hairs
  • requires greater insertion accuracy
  1. Flash (available on the Junior 3G and Senior 3G): 13,56 MHz thermolysis technique of moderate intensity whose pulse duration is adjustable in hundredths of a second. Ideal technique for all types of hair.
  2. MicroFlash (available on the Senior 3G): 13,56 MHz fast thermolysis technique working in thousandths of a second. Comfortable, fast and efficient, the use of a single pulse is ideal for fine and superficial hair. Can be used with 2 pulses for concentrated papilla and bulge destruction, ideal for deep hairs. With insulated probes only.
  3. PicoFlash (available on xCell Pur and xCell Pro): because of its exceptional speed, the PicoFlash thermolysis technique allows very localized coagulation at the base of the hair follicle, while avoiding heat diffusion in the surrounding tissues. It offers targeted destruction as well as an exceptional level of comfort, ideal for fine and superficial hairs. Can be used with 2 pulses for concentrated papilla and bulge destruction with deeper hairs. With insulated probes only.
  4. MeloFlash (available on xCell Pur and xCell Pro): MeloFlash is a thermolysis modality in hundredths of a second. Since the duration of the pulse is longer and the intensity is softer, the heat produced extends more widely into the follicle. This technique is the ideal solution for hair that is strong, deep or dehydrated.
  5. MultiPlex (available on Senior 3G, xCell Pur and xCell Pro): MultiPlex technology combines slow thermolysis with a fast PicoFlash/MicroFlash pulse at the end. The slow thermolysis creates a slight warming in the follicle, increasing the porosity of the follicle and the effectiveness of the PicoFlash/MicroFlash pulse. It allows intense destruction, ideal for telogen hair or slightly distorted. Can be used with 2 pulses and bulb bulge movement, or vice versa. Ideal for deep hairs. With insulated probes only.
  6. Synchro (available on xCell Pur as an option and on xCell Pro): Synchro offers unparalleled efficiency for tough, deep hair. Its simultaneous application of several pico pulses of 2 to 5 thousandths of a second each, interspersed with a thermal relaxation time, makes it possible to extensively destroy all the germinal cells. This thermolysis technique must be accompanied by a bulb to bulge movement and be used with insulated probes.

1. Flash

2. MicroFlash

3. PicoFlash

4. MeloFlash

5. Multiplex

6. Synchro



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