What is a MHz?


Have you been in the electroepilation field for a while, but somehow this notion got blurry over time? Are you a new electrologist still learning the basics? Or a client that wants to better understand the treatment? Here is a simple explanation applied to the electroepilation field of what is a megahertz.

Unit of measure

The Hertz is the unit of measure of frequency. A megahertz represents 106 Hertz, so 1 000 000 Hertz, and defines the speed at which the radio wave produced changes polarity, from positive to negative. The faster the frequency is, the faster this polarity changes. 5 MHz, 13.56 MHz and 27.12 MHz devices therefore respectively produce 5 000 000, 13 560 000 and 27 120 000 positive to negative oscillations in one second.



The polarity variation induces excitation of the water molecules in the skin, which creates heat. This creation of heat inside the hair follicle, around the probe, coagulates and permanently destroys the tissues and cells that are responsible for hair growth.

To learn more about high frequency currents, take a look at our Electolysis and high frequency current article.

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